Lone Tree Brewing To Debut Cucumber Wheat Beer Cans


LONE TREE, CO — Lone Tree Brewing Company likes to celebrate the longest days of the year. This year the brewery is hosting the Summer Carnival on Saturday, June 17, just five days before summer solstice. This celebration will feature a strawberry-infused batch of Lone Tree’s Blonde Ale and the…

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Brewers Harness Smart Beer Coasters to Connect with You


How often do you wonder what the story is behind a particular beer label or new beer collaboration? The answer is now at your fingertips in the form of new smart beer coasters. The source of the indispensable cardboard bar mat’s new gig comes to us through Thin Film Electronics ASA…

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Brick Works Brewing and Eats to Celebrate First Birthday

Smyrna, DE – Brick Works Brewing and Eats will celebrate its first birthday over the weekend of June 9th-11th. A wide variety of activities will be taking place at the brewpub in celebration of the milestone. Starting on Friday the 9th at 5pm, diners can celebrate Brick Works’ first year…

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A Brewing Titan’s Vision Returns: Pierre Celis’ Daughter Christine Opens Celis Brewery


Pierre Celis is a beer legend to many. His name is synonymous with the Belgian-style witbier, or “white,” beer style. The style was completely gone by the mid-1950s. But it was Pierre Celis, a milkman from the village of Hoegaarden in the Flemish Brabant province of Flanders, Belgium, who resurrected the…

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Drake’s Aroma Day 2017

Come to your senses and join us for Aroma Day 2017! We’re kicking off a sensational summer season of beer by exploring the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feels of our Aroma Series beers. A good thing is getting even better with the release of Aroma Coma “2.0”, along with…

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From the Barrel: Old Potrero Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Stout


Anchor Brewing’s barrel aging program is growing, slowly but surely. You can’t rush these things, literally and figuratively. Lucky for us, the marriage between brewing and distilling has been an ongoing tradition at Anchor. Almost 30 years after Fritz Maytag bought Anchor Brewing, igniting the American craft beer revolution, Fritz…

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6 Craft Beer Bars That Changed Their City’s Beer Scene


Breweries and craft beer bars have a symbiotic relationship. Pubs have been community centers of social activity for hundreds of years. Over the past 30 years or so, a growing number of bars and pubs have focused on bringing beer drinkers a better variety of beers, especially those from small…

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2017 Chicago Summer Ale Fest Food Trucks Line-up

We love beer fests because breweries bring their beer to us. At the Chicago Summer Ale Fest, the food will come to us, too–in the form of food trucks. It’s hard to pin down just what’s so fun about food trucks. It’s probably the combination of many little things. The…

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McNichols Project Event #2: The Wild West

An era of lawless westward expansion. The West was largely unexplored and full of rebellious characters and high stakes. Gold and land were up for grabs, and the saloon provided a social hub in the many booming towns popping up across the plains. The Wild West Project seeks to immerse…

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Everything You Need to Know About Pairing Beer and Cheese


Pairing beer and cheese is often perceived as complicated, but it’s easier than you think. After peeling back the curtain to reveal there is no such thing as a pairing wizard, you should know that the rules are simple. If it tastes good, then continue on with it. If it…

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