Braxton Brewing Co. Revamps Core Lineup, Introduces New IPA

Braxton Brewing Co. is introducing a change to its core beer lineup. Revamp, a new tropical forward IPA, will be replacing Crank Shaft IPA. It will be produced year round and will replace Crank Shaft in 12 oz. cans on store shelves in March. Revamp is a 6.5% ABV, 60…

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This Beer Was Made for You and Me


Today, let’s look at a classic American style beer. American Amber Ale is brewed with two row malt and the addition of caramel or crystal malts, which lends it its beautiful reddish color and sets it apart from pale ales. During the resurgence of the microbrewery movement in the 1980’s,…

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Are Long Beer Lines Worth the Wait? Here’s What We Found


Waiting in long beer lines used to be considered a rite of passage for a true beer geek. But with so many craft brewers making so much good beer, are the long drives and long lines truly worth the wait? What lengths would you go to get your hands on a…

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Lonerider Brewing Company Release Sundance, Grapefruit Saison

Raleigh, N.C. – Lonerider Brewing Company, a craft brewery that prides itself on developing Ales for Outlaws, will be releasing a new Grapefruit Saison aptly named Sundance. With a dry wit as crisp and fresh as this Saison of the same name, Sundance exhibits legendary smoothness and taste. This is…

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Big Brew Beer Festival

Saturday March 4, 2017, The Big Brew Beer Festival Returns to the Morristown Armory in New Jersey! The Big Brew Beer Festival offers Two Sessions with over 200 styles of craft beer, fantastic music, delicious food & wonderful vendors. Over 20 NJ breweries in attendance. Session 1 – 12-4pm with…

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9 Brewery Couples On Their Strong Relationships and Successful Breweries


People often warn you should never mix business life with personal life, but we found brewery couples who are breaking those rules, and having success building strong breweries and strong relationships. We talked to nine brewery couples to hear how they met — and perhaps, more importantly — share the perks,…

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Coronado Releases Barrel-Aged German Chocolate Cake Imperial Stout

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Coronado Brewing Company is releasing a decadent Barrel-Aged German Chocolate Cake Imperial Stout. This is the first offering in the company’s newly redesigned Coronado Collection. The company worked with local branding agency, Mires Ball, to update the look and feel of the barrel-aged collection.…

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Resurgence Brewing Company wins two awards at Best of Craft Beer Awards

BUFFALO – Resurgence Brewing Company took home two bronze medals from the 2017 Best of Craft Beer Awards competition, held this week in Bend, Ore. Ice Boom Bock and Cucumber Saison were both honored, in the bock and field beer categories, respectively. Resurgence was one of 145 breweries who achieved…

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“How Do You Know So Much About Beer?”


  These days, everyone has access to a plethora of styles of beers made by an endless amount of breweries. Not all of these are created equal. With that access to beer, comes increased access to the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about the beers consumers are dropping their…

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Behind San Francisco Beer Week with Joanne Marino


The 2017 San Francisco Beer Week is (of course) about the beer, but it’s also about one of the things we all love about the craft beer industry: making a connection. And that’s exactly what Joanne Marino, the executive director of the San Francisco Brewers Guild, wants you to know.…

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