Judging Beer Like an Expert


For the beer nerds among us, judging the quality of a brew is so much more than just a gut feeling about its taste. Beer sampling is an art, and much of it boils down to knowing your stuff and trying lots of beers. Here are a few things that professional, certified…

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Toss Back a Few Mendo Brews and Get…Smarter?


People might say that they drink to “dumb themselves down.” And, as I’m sure many of us can attest, drinking definitely does correspond with far-more-asinine-than-usual behavior, but what would you think if you heard that drinking beer can actually make you smarter? Just recently, Psychopharmacology published the results of a…

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Here’s a Toast to Meaningful Conversation Sparked by Games and Craft Brew


Remember those outrageous parties in college? Even if the details are fuzzy, most of us probably share those hilarious, downright ridiculous experiences from our early twenties. But it seems like the further we drift away from our college days, the less creative we get with our drinking and, in general,…

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Oktoberfest is Hop Season


Now that Oktoberfest is ripe upon us, hops are falling from their vines, ready to be turned into crowns of bitter scents. Yet, hops are more than decorative necklaces to pair with your pretzels at beer festivals. If you’ve ever brewed your own beer or even thought of doing so,…

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Mendocino’s Anniversary Ale


Last week, if you’ll recall, we discussed the wonders of the Cascade Hop, its beginnings its flavors, its signature and classic aroma. Citrusy notes frequently compared to grapefruit, the chemical compounds found in Cascade hops are so strongly aromatic that they are often used by perfumers and those working in…

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Cascade Hops: Taste the American Pale Ale


Cascade hops are well known by brewers from all over the United States and that’s because their flavor is considered to be quintessentially American. Released in 1971 by the USDA, the Cascade hop began it’s humble beginnings on the west coast, and boomed in popularity soon after. These budding beauties are…

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A Look at Summer 2016 Beer Trends


Hey, everybody! Sally here, your friendly neighborhood blogger. I’ve been attending lots of social events in the last few weeks all over Brooklyn, New York, in order to keep an eye on what’s trending. Back in March, I discussed my predictions for what would trend this year in the world…

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A Delectably Moist Chocolate Cake Chills with Our Classic Redwood Oatmeal Stout


  I’m loving this whole one beer pairing a month thing, especially because this month I’m suffering from a major sweet tooth. And what Mendocino Brew do you grab when you’ve got a sweet tooth? I’m going to go, unequivocally, with our Redwood Oatmeal Stout. Now this is one of…

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Let’s Talk IPAs, Hop Heads!


  As craft beer popularity continues to grow, our love for the India Pale Ale grows right along with it. Often referred to as “the flagship of the craft beer movement,” the IPA is a delightfully fun ride for your taste buds that makes for a damn good time. There’s…

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Meet You at the Blind Pig: Throwing a Prohibition Era Party with Mendocino’s Giggle Water


These days, it’s easy to forget that the manufacturing and sale of alcohol was illegal in the United States, but from 1920 to 1933, the Prohibition Era reigned. Thankfully, those dark ages are over, but while, they created an awful lot of unnecessary crime, they did prompt some great styles…

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