The 5 Joys of Shower Beers


Do you ever just need to feel luxurious? Need a little “me time”? You might be trying to dip out on the super stressful meltdown your toddler is having and leave it for the co-parent. Or maybe you live a life of few stresses (jealous!) and are looking to complement…

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Imperial Barley Wine + Stilton


Our Imperial Barley Wine does not play around. This fella comes in at an impressive 11% ABV (watch yaself!), with very bold malt flavors. It deserves to be paired with someone that can keep up. Someone strong and unique.   Stilton is a lovely blue cheese that hails from Britain. It…

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Hangover Preparedness


Oh, hangovers. I know we’d like to say we are passed this point in our lives, but they can be sneaky buggers. If it was a planned night on the town for your life-long bestie’s birthday or if too much free beer landed you in your boyfriend’s great aunt’s bed…

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Judging a Beer by Its Label


Here’s something that’s never mentioned when talking about beer judging: bottle (or can) art. When we are at a brewery or anywhere ordering a beer, we are making that decision based off of possibly beer style, description, recommendation, or familiarity. In those moments, the artwork the brewery decided was just…

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Do Kids and Beer Mix?


Alright, so we love beer. But, if you’ve got them, where do your kids belong in this relationship with craft beer culture? Are you more like the dad who waits till the kids are asleep to crack one open, or are you the mom at the brewery with a beer…

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A Celebration of Fermentation


One of my favorite facets of beer is the fermentation process. Nothing harkens to the productivity and preparedness of humans like their ability to preserve fresh food for later. Fermentation is one of the many ways homesteaders of the past (and present, with the addition of the automobile and market…

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A Fat Tuesday with Beer in Dreamland


This upcoming Tuesday is Mardi Gras! I don’t know about you, but I come from a land where every bakery has a line to the parking lot full of people waiting for their custard-oozing doughnuts. Whether you participate in Lent or not, we can all use an excuse to include…

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This Beer Was Made for You and Me


Today, let’s look at a classic American style beer. American Amber Ale is brewed with two row malt and the addition of caramel or crystal malts, which lends it its beautiful reddish color and sets it apart from pale ales. During the resurgence of the microbrewery movement in the 1980’s,…

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“How Do You Know So Much About Beer?”


  These days, everyone has access to a plethora of styles of beers made by an endless amount of breweries. Not all of these are created equal. With that access to beer, comes increased access to the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about the beers consumers are dropping their…

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This History of Happy Hour


Happy hour, a well-loved American tradition, originated in the 19th century as a common slang term among the US Navy used to describe the time allotted for entertainment, including activities like wrestling, chorus singing, and boxing. The phrase started being used in relation to drinking in the Prohibition era, when…

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