3 Big Questions about How You’re Serving Your Beer


This week, we’re covering some questions that have plagued us for ages. We’ll discern whether these ways to serve your beer are just antiquated myths or reasonable pieces of advice that we should all be considering. #1. Restaurants generally provide you with a shaker pint glass when you order a…

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Is it a Hangover or the Leftovers from Bad Tap Lines?


I’ve been traveling all week and visiting a hugely diverse selection of local pubs in New York City. My tour guides vary, but they all seem to take my tourista status as a challenge. Who can procure the best pub for my palate? I’m loving the nights out, but I’m…

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Cheers to the Women Who Hang at Breweries


I’m not shy about my beer snobbery, or maybe just my total enjoyment of the beer drinking experience. I love discussing different brews, trying new styles, and making judgmental comparisons. Okay, you might be thinking, so what? This is what craft brewing is about.   But here’s the deal, I’m…

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What the Experts Look For in a Quality Brew


You know a quality beer when you taste it, but, since we’ve all got our own opinions on just what makes a good beer “good,” how on earth are people like CraftBeer.com’s Julia Herz able to tell us whether a beer is of best quality or total crap? Well, for…

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