A Delectably Moist Chocolate Cake Chills with Our Classic Redwood Oatmeal Stout


  I’m loving this whole one beer pairing a month thing, especially because this month I’m suffering from a major sweet tooth. And what Mendocino Brew do you grab when you’ve got a sweet tooth? I’m going to go, unequivocally, with our Redwood Oatmeal Stout. Now this is one of…

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Okay, What’s the Deal with Adding Citrus to Our Beers?


Before hops were widely used as a preservative in beer, lemon, limes, and other citrus fruits were kept in jar of God’s drink to ward off infectious bacteria and mold from taking over the drink when it sat for a few days. Later, when the early Brits adopted the beverage,…

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Dry Battered Canadian Yellow Perch Meets Our Peregrine Pilsner and Butte Creek Pale Ale


We’re nearing the end of July, and if you haven’t gotten out to the lake yet, now’s the time! I’ve got several fillets of Canadian Yellow Perch that I, I’ll admit, didn’t catch myself, but picked rather up from the local fishery. For the batter, I used a basic flour,…

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June’s Savory Beer Pairing Match Off: Red Tail Amber Ale Versus Our Rock Point Session IPA With Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas


This month I’m in the mood for something savory and an excuse to drink Red Tail Amber Ale. I’m never quite sure what to pair Amber Ales with, a quick search online gave such a wide variety of options I was left with no more answers than when I started the…

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Eye of the Hawk Vs. Imperial Barley Wine Ale: Which Pairs Best with Our Robust Mushroom and Potato Dinner?


  For this month’s beer pairing, I wanted to do something more robust for those of of us who are less salad eaters (link to last month’s post) and more into good ol’ fashioned potato based dishes. After finding the recipes I wanted to try, the next step was to…

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