Stoup Brewing on the Art and Science of Craft Beer

Brewing beer is part science, part art, and it’s a balance that Stoup Brewing in Seattle knows well. (MORE: 2017’s Great American Beer Bars) Robyn Schumacher, one of three founders of Stoup, was a high school biology teacher for more than a decade, but got hooked on homebrewing. When she…

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New England Brewery Goes Old School to Make Steinbier, Beer Brewed with Fire and Hot Rocks


On a warm fall afternoon, a sweet, smoky aroma drifted from the parking lot behind Queen City Brewery in Burlington, Vermont. Were they roasting s’mores? Smoking ribs? The answer was revealed as bar manager Jason Held lugged a metal bucket of flat, gray stones from the half-barrel grill up the…

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Watch: Great Notion Brewing’s Hazy IPAs Go from Taboo to Trendy

Great Notion Brewing in Portland, Oregon, is best known for their hazy IPAs, like Juice Jr. But it wasn’t easy convincing well-versed beer nerds in Portland to embrace this somewhat odd IPA substyle (at least in the land known for its Northwest IPAs). (MORE: 2017’s Great American Beer Bars) “This one…

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In the City Where the Wright Brothers First Took Flight, Warped Wing Brewery is Taking Off


When the founders of Warped Wing Brewing Company opened their doors in downtown Dayton, Ohio, in January 2014, they didn’t wade in slowly from the shallow end — they dove in head first. And they did so in the heart of downtown, an area that had seen an economic downturn in…

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Reviving Chicago’s Historic Motor Row District through Craft Beer and Music


Located just south of Chicago’s majestic skyline inside a historic building, Motor Row Brewing embodies the notion of community and history, a cornerstone of the craft brewing industry. The brewery restored a landmark building and subsequently helped rejuvenate a historic district. Co-owned by Bob Lassandrello and his son Frank, Motor…

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12Degree Brewing Brings Taste of Belgium to Louisville, Colorado


On a backpacking trip in the 90s, Jon Howland had his first taste of a Belgian beer (a Duvel to be exact) in a little hostel in Brugge, Belgium. He had never had anything like it and loved it instantly. That impactful beer moment would ultimately lead to him opening…

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