The Golden Age of Brewery Partnerships


Have you noticed craft beer is bubbling into cultural events? Once relegated to bars and sporting events, beer drinkers are now enjoying local beer as they partake in matters of higher learning and culture from museums to orchestras to zoos. Even the Smithsonian is weaving beer into its “After Hours”…

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Oh My Gourd: Offbeat Pumpkin Beers for 2017


Pumpkin beers can be an oddly divisive topic. Maybe it’s because some end up on shelves when you’re still sweating in the summer heat. Or maybe it’s because you simply don’t like pumpkin — and you definitely don’t want those flavors wafting from your pint glass. Maybe you’re part of…

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Isolated Breweries: Craft Beer on the Fringe


Crowded tap rooms, lines full of eager people at bottle releases, special events where tickets sell out quicker than you can hit “buy” — that’s the craft beer culture many of us are used to in 2017. But there are pockets of the U.S. where small brewers are more isolated,…

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The Weird Science of High-Altitude Brewing


When Chris Labbe started making beer at 10,159 feet there was no one to call when things didn’t go as planned. He had few high-altitude brewing peers, no playbook and certainly no sympathy if the beer wasn’t right. This harsh reality is the first thing Labbe, a brewer and co-founder…

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What Makes a Sour Beer Taste Sour?


It’s in the back of a dingy old storage basement. The floor is made of dirt and there is the faintest, rhythmic trickle of water dripping somewhere nearby. The stale scent of must fills the air. In the depths of a fermentation cellar lies one lonely little bottle that looks…

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3 Stories Behind Athlete-Inspired Breweries


Brewing beer isn’t easy. You study. You practice. You make mistakes. You practice more. You take notes and you take advice. Eventually, you get better. Runners, cyclists and swimmers are wired that same way: They set goals. They train. They have setbacks. There are races that go wrong, and some…

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BrewTube Comedy Founder: A Common Thread Binds Brewing and Comedy

As a stand-up comedian, I get to travel all over the country in the vein of attempting to make people laugh. I’ve been doing stand-up for going on a decade, but a few years ago, I really got into craft beer. Little did I realize I was planting the seeds…

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6 Craft Beer Bars That Changed Their City’s Beer Scene


Breweries and craft beer bars have a symbiotic relationship. Pubs have been community centers of social activity for hundreds of years. Over the past 30 years or so, a growing number of bars and pubs have focused on bringing beer drinkers a better variety of beers, especially those from small…

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Hold the Fruit: 11 Summer Beers for People Who Appreciate the Classics


Born in 1979, my parents raised me on the music of the Beach Boys, the Monkees and the big hair ballad rock of the early 80s. My joke is that if a song was released after 1985, I don’t know it. In the old brown Jeep Cherokee I drove to…

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Why Can’t I Buy that Special Release Beer Year-Round?


Special craft beer releases are among a beer lover’s most anticipated days. Craft beer drinkers can’t wait for the party that accompanies a bottle release like Cigar City Brewing’s annual Hunahpu Day. Others look forward to the mystique surrounding the extreme rarity of the beer like that of Russian River…

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