Which Beer Sparked Your Craft Beer Aha Moment?

Which beer sparked your craft beer aha moment? It’s one of those questions that’s always fun to ask friends, so we decided to ask people who work in craft beer to tell us theirs. We’d love to hear about your aha moment. Tell us about it in the comments section.…

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Grain Trust: Craft Malt, Craft Beer and What it Means to be Local


“Support your local brewery” is beginning to take on an entirely new meaning. Many craft beer enthusiasts are familiar with the Brewers Association stat that 75 percent of legal-drinking-age adults live within 10 miles of a brewery. But most breweries haven’t had the luxury of living as close to their…

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The American Dream, Patriotism and Craft Beer


Have you guys heard “God Bless the U.S.A.” by Lee Greenwood? Of course you have. You probably were forced to sing it in some pageant as a child which your parents remember fondly. While internally the song serves as a microcosmic cog in the sarcastic machine that has turned most…

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6 Stories of Beer Moms Who Inspire Breweries


Moms are often our ultimate cheerleaders, our protectors, our providers. They play an important role in our lives, and in the world of craft beer, that’s no exception. We asked people to tell us about moms who had an integral role in the foundation of their breweries. Here are six…

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7 Baseball Beers You’ll Find at Minor League Stadiums


Tim Tebow is now trying his hand at pro baseball, but the former Florida Gator, Heisman Trophy winner and late night comedy muse won’t be the only draw at minor league stadiums this summer. A host of small and independent craft brewers are creating baseball beers to support hometown spirit. If you’re…

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Like Mexican-Style Lagers? Here are 11 Craft Beers You Should Try


Chances are, you’ve occasionally thrown back a few bottles of a popular Mexican amber lager. Maybe you drank them before you got into craft beer and now they make you nostalgic, or maybe you harbor dreams of being the Most Interesting Man  — or Woman — in the World. Whatever the…

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Movie Inspired Beer Names and the Stories Behind Them


Earlier this year New York debated whether to expand beer and liquor sales to all movie theaters in the Empire State. While that legislation hasn’t moved forward, the trend of bringing beers to the movies — meaning theaters that serve — continues to expand. But that convergence isn’t just happening at the…

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Last Call for IBUs: Fact, Fiction and Their Impact on Your Beer


I’ve been thinking a lot about IBUs. It all started quite innocently. I was recently bellied up to the bar at my local pub, as I’m known to do, and I couldn’t help but overhear a group of young men perusing the admittedly impressive list of libations scrawled onto the…

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New to Craft Beer? These 7 Dark Lagers are Easy on the Palate


Bitter IPAs and boozy, barrel-aged beers might shock the palate if you’re trying to introduce a curious newcomer to craft beer. Instead, it’s generally better to hand them a beer style that simultaneously feels familiar and also enlightens — dark lagers embody those traits. German-style Schwarzbiers, dunkels, bocks, and American…

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5 Green Brewing Initiatives You’ll Love


Small and independent brewers are always in pursuit of green brewing initiatives, pushing themselves to change workflows to be better stewards of natural resources. Environmentally-focused beer drinkers were ecstatic to raise a glass to the news of SaltWater Brewery’s edible six-pack beer rings in 2016. Made of barley and wheat ribbons…

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