Measures Craft Brewers Take to Maintain Consistency in Beer


Consistency is a topic brewers often discuss at industry sessions and seminars. Mark Stutrud, founder and president of St. Paul’s Summit Brewing, doesn’t mince words about consistency. He says brewers need to be more accountable. “You just don’t make a batch and hope it turns out okay. Each batch has…

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Craft Breweries to Watch in 7 Southern Cities


Due to restrictive post-Prohibition alcohol laws and a strong religious history of temperance, the Southeast U.S. has lagged behind the brewery boom that has swept the country. However, Southerners are pushing past the obstacles and more breweries are opening up every month — not just in known brewery havens like…

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Rise of the Niche Brewery: Brewers Look to Distinguish Their Brands


Ten years ago, I was a newly legal beer drinker trying to scrape together a living slinging beer for a Colorado craft brewery that had recently started making headlines by forgoing the bottle to package their big beers in aluminum cans. It was a different time then. A time when…

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