How Space Launched Huntsville’s Craft Beer Scene


In 1958, teams of rocket scientists and engineers held their breath in Mission Control as the Juno I rocket pushed the first U.S. satellite into space. It was one of the first rockets developed in Huntsville, Alabama, and it launched the city into its new role as a space and…

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Deluxe Brewing Finds the Perfect Speed with Fast Cars and Slow Beers

The team at Deluxe Brewing Co. in Albany, Oregon, has two passions: fast cars and slow beers. This brewery specializes in lagers, which can take longer to brew than ales. But co-owner and brewmaster Eric “Howie” Howard tells us he learned a little about patience from his drag racing hobby.…

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Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery: Chugging Along Inside a Historic Train Station


At first, Ryan Czaja didn’t want the head brewer job at Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery. The unique challenges of preserving the former train station’s rich history while operating a modern-day brewery is a big responsibility, and Ryan thought he wasn’t ready. But Dean and Carolyn Armstrong, Flossmoor, Illinois, natives…

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The Golden Age of Brewery Partnerships


Have you noticed craft beer is bubbling into cultural events? Once relegated to bars and sporting events, beer drinkers are now enjoying local beer as they partake in matters of higher learning and culture from museums to orchestras to zoos. Even the Smithsonian is weaving beer into its “After Hours”…

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Little City Brewing Approaches 1 Year Anniversary in Raleigh


With so many entrepreneurs aspiring to start up a brewery throughout the nation, it never hurts to talk with someone who candidly discloses their successes, trials and tribulations after the first year of operation. Local Icon Hospitality owner Jon Seelbinder has worked in the hospitality business for almost two decades…

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It’s Beer:45 in Beaufort, One of North Carolina’s Oldest Towns


Life in the quaint coastal town of Beaufort, North Carolina, has been marked by the daily screech of a mill whistle that’s been signaling the end of another work shift since the mid-19th century. But since Mill Whistle Brewing took over whistle duties in the state’s third oldest town, that…

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Isolated Breweries: Craft Beer on the Fringe


Crowded tap rooms, lines full of eager people at bottle releases, special events where tickets sell out quicker than you can hit “buy” — that’s the craft beer culture many of us are used to in 2017. But there are pockets of the U.S. where small brewers are more isolated,…

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The Mirror Twin Who Brews ‘Twin’ Beers


According to the medical website VeryWell, mirror twins are identical twins with asymmetrical features. It’s also how Derek DeFranco, a mirror twin himself, teaches customers about craft beer at his Lexington, Kentucky, brewery, Mirror Twin Brewing. But the brewery’s name goes beyond a coy play on the owner’s twin status.…

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The Beach to Beacon 10k is About More Than Running for Shipyard Brewing


A post-race beer is one of the best parts of crossing the finish line of a 5k or 10k (or longer) race. For many craft breweries, sponsoring local races isn’t about marketing — it’s about finding a new way to connect with their communities. And that’s exactly why Shipyard Brewing…

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He Turned His Childhood Farm Into a Brewery

Christian DeBenedetti grew up on a farm in Newberg, Oregon. Now, decades later, he’s turned that farm into Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery. Christian and his team tell us what they think running this farmhouse brewery is so special. The post He Turned His Childhood Farm Into a Brewery appeared…

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