Which Beer Sparked Your Craft Beer Aha Moment?

Which beer sparked your craft beer aha moment? It’s one of those questions that’s always fun to ask friends, so we decided to ask people who work in craft beer to tell us theirs. We’d love to hear about your aha moment. Tell us about it in the comments section.…

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10 Beer and Food Pairings That Wow Craft Brewers


An expertly handcrafted beer from a small and independent craft brewer is a beautiful thing, but pair that beer with the right food and the results can change both the food and the beer in ways you’d never expect. We asked brewers and brewery founders across the country to share…

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Grain Trust: Craft Malt, Craft Beer and What it Means to be Local


“Support your local brewery” is beginning to take on an entirely new meaning. Many craft beer enthusiasts are familiar with the Brewers Association stat that 75 percent of legal-drinking-age adults live within 10 miles of a brewery. But most breweries haven’t had the luxury of living as close to their…

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The American Dream, Patriotism and Craft Beer


Have you guys heard “God Bless the U.S.A.” by Lee Greenwood? Of course you have. You probably were forced to sing it in some pageant as a child which your parents remember fondly. While internally the song serves as a microcosmic cog in the sarcastic machine that has turned most…

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Philipsburg Brewing: Making Local Beer in a Charming Montana Town


You might think everything’s big in the Big Sky State of Montana, but Montanans like to keep a few secrets, and one of them is that size doesn’t matter. In a state with barely a breath over one million people spread over 147,000 square miles, Montana has nearly 200 towns…

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5 Green Brewing Initiatives You’ll Love


Small and independent brewers are always in pursuit of green brewing initiatives, pushing themselves to change workflows to be better stewards of natural resources. Environmentally-focused beer drinkers were ecstatic to raise a glass to the news of SaltWater Brewery’s edible six-pack beer rings in 2016. Made of barley and wheat ribbons…

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Dick Cantwell at CBC: Craft Brewers Have a Legacy to Protect

Dick Cantwell has played a lot of roles in the craft beer business: Brewers Association board member; winner of multiple Great American Beer Festival medals; BA Quality Ambassador; author. He’s also the former co-owner at Elysian Brewing, the Seattle brewery that was purchased by Anheuser-Busch in 2015. Cantwell, a staunch…

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12 Breweries in Historic Buildings: Reviving and Restoring the Past


It seems like new craft breweries are opening up every week, popping up in storefronts, strip malls and even industrial areas. From shuttered funeral homes and long-closed monasteries, brewers are finding homes that not only promote tradition but in many cases drive the renovation and revitalization of old neighborhoods and…

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Speciation Artisan Ales: Brewer Without a Brewhouse

Speciation Artisan Ales out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has found an unconventional way to grow. (MORE: My Lucky Break Getting a Job in Beer) In this video, co-founder and brewer Mitch Ermatinger talks about how building a brand without a taproom or true brewhouse has allowed him to thrive— and…

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Stoup Brewing on the Art and Science of Craft Beer

Brewing beer is part science, part art, and it’s a balance that Stoup Brewing in Seattle knows well. (MORE: 2017’s Great American Beer Bars) Robyn Schumacher, one of three founders of Stoup, was a high school biology teacher for more than a decade, but got hooked on homebrewing. When she…

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