Watch: Great Notion Brewing’s Hazy IPAs Go from Taboo to Trendy

Great Notion Brewing in Portland, Oregon, is best known for their hazy IPAs, like Juice Jr. But it wasn’t easy convincing well-versed beer nerds in Portland to embrace this somewhat odd IPA substyle (at least in the land known for its Northwest IPAs). (MORE: 2017’s Great American Beer Bars) “This one…

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My Lucky Break: How I Got a Job in Craft Beer


How do you get a job in craft beer? Hard work, talent and education go a long way, but a little luck doesn’t hurt. We asked people in the beer industry to tell us how luck played a role in landing their dream job. From being in the right place at…

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Using Craft Beer as a Vehicle for Good


Craft beer pioneers had a clear vision: to serve a better, more full-flavored beer. That goal drove Boston Beer’s Jim Koch and Brooklyn Brewery’s Steve Hindy and countless others to persevere through ups and downs in a new and emerging market of beer drinkers. Beyond creating a better product, many…

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Are Long Beer Lines Worth the Wait? Here’s What We Found


Waiting in long beer lines used to be considered a rite of passage for a true beer geek. But with so many craft brewers making so much good beer, are the long drives and long lines truly worth the wait? What lengths would you go to get your hands on a…

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9 Brewery Couples On Their Strong Relationships and Successful Breweries


People often warn you should never mix business life with personal life, but we found brewery couples who are breaking those rules, and having success building strong breweries and strong relationships. We talked to nine brewery couples to hear how they met — and perhaps, more importantly — share the perks,…

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Behind San Francisco Beer Week with Joanne Marino


The 2017 San Francisco Beer Week is (of course) about the beer, but it’s also about one of the things we all love about the craft beer industry: making a connection. And that’s exactly what Joanne Marino, the executive director of the San Francisco Brewers Guild, wants you to know.…

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8 Arizona Breweries You’ll Want to Explore


Beer enthusiasts around the Grand Canyon state would agree that over the last half decade, Arizona breweries have grown exponentially. Phoenix and Tucson, in particular, have exploded their numbers of craft breweries, as Arizona residents have fallen hard for beer from small and independent brewers. In Tucson alone, seven new…

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CHART: Which Beer Should You Drink During the Big Game?


Which beer should you drink for the Big Game between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots? With more than 5,000 breweries in the United States, the vast majority of them being small and independent craft brewers, the choice and variety of beer to enjoy has never been wider. There’s no…

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In the City Where the Wright Brothers First Took Flight, Warped Wing Brewery is Taking Off


When the founders of Warped Wing Brewing Company opened their doors in downtown Dayton, Ohio, in January 2014, they didn’t wade in slowly from the shallow end — they dove in head first. And they did so in the heart of downtown, an area that had seen an economic downturn in…

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9 Weird Brewery Names and the Stories Behind Them


A name is such a defining character that the thought of choosing the wrong one can be gut wrenching for a brewery. Check out these nine breweries and the areas of inspiration and life experiences they pulled from when developing their names. Hopping Gnome Brewing Co. | Wichita, KS Customers…

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