A Sour Beer Pickle: Can American Brewers Better Define this Beer Style?


I’ve had many ah-ha/ awe-inspiring/ pee-my-pants-just-a-little craft beer moments, but one of my fondest memories was the first time I discovered New Belgium’s La Folie. I can remember the Colorado sun shining through the skylight of the Ft. Collins brewery’s Liquid Center, striking the taster-sized glass and causing the strawberry-hued…

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14 Spring Beers Brewers are Excited to Release in 2017


As snow gives way to pollen season, tap handles at your favorite beer bars and breweries give way from winter offerings to new spring beers. We asked America’s small and independent craft brewers which spring beers they were most excited for you to try in 2017. Their answers range from…

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10 Dark Beers You’ll Crave This Winter: Stouts, Porters and More

We talk a lot about the myths about dark beers you shouldn’t believe. In the smack dab of winter, they’re my absolute favorite. Smoky and musty or rich and creamy, stouts, porters and their imperial cousins fill the void caused by winter’s chills and pair amazingly with winter comfort foods…

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Tactical Tasting: How to Harness Your Sixth Sense


Enjoying beer is a total sensory experience where all five senses go into our enjoyment of the beverage. We see the beer. We smell the beer. We touch the beer to our taste buds. We even listen to the carbonation escape when we open a can or bottle (listen to…

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New Year’s Resolution: Drink Your Veggies!


If you’re making a resolution to eat more veggies, here’s a better idea: drink them. Always seeking new avenues for innovation in brewing and flavor profiles, some craft brewers are turning to the garden for inspiration. It is perfect timing for those of us who have resolved to improve our diets…

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Beers Made with Barrel-Aged Coffee Beans are ‘Blowing People’s Minds’


When we think of barrel-aged beer, we usually think of beer that’s been brewed and then left to age in whiskey or wine barrels. But a few brewers are putting a new twist on that and spinning things around the other way: Introducing a beer, brewed with barrel-aged coffee beans.…

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The Top Hops, According to New Survey from the Brewers Association


Good news, hop heads: the Brewers Association just released its annual Hop Survey. Along with a wealth of other data, the annual survey includes a year-over-year “Top 10 Hop Production Ranking.” The results? Well, they are surprisingly similar in form to that other familiar fall ranking: the College Football Top…

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Friendsgiving Beer and Food Pairings


Turkey may get all the glory on Thanksgiving but it’s the holiday side dishes that steal our hearts. A Thanksgiving inspired beer-pairing dinner party matches craft beer styles with classic turkey-day trimmings. Our seven-course meal includes everything but the bird. The suggested pairings are based on both traditional holiday flavor…

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What the Experts Look For in a Quality Brew


You know a quality beer when you taste it, but, since we’ve all got our own opinions on just what makes a good beer “good,” how on earth are people like CraftBeer.com’s Julia Herz able to tell us whether a beer is of best quality or total crap? Well, for…

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No-Li’s “Expo ’74 Summer Wheat” Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Spokane’s World’s Fair

Spokane, WA… No-Li celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Spokane hosting the 1974 World’s Fair Expo this year, and the enduring legacy of good it created locally, in the Pacific Northwest, and across America, with their Expo ’74 Summer Wheat. “Spokane was at the epicenter of the nation’s pride, on the…

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