Anchor Brewing Debuts Third Release in their Pacific Siren Series, Blood Orange Blonde


We’re thrilled to announce our third release in the Pacific Siren Series, Blood Orange Blonde– a refreshingly unique blonde ale made with juicy and tart blood oranges. Blood Orange Blonde has the delectable taste of the blood orange. The fruit is deep crimson in color with enticingly rich aroma and tangy-sweet…

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7 Baseball Beers You’ll Find at Minor League Stadiums


Tim Tebow is now trying his hand at pro baseball, but the former Florida Gator, Heisman Trophy winner and late night comedy muse won’t be the only draw at minor league stadiums this summer. A host of small and independent craft brewers are creating baseball beers to support hometown spirit. If you’re…

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Like Mexican-Style Lagers? Here are 11 Craft Beers You Should Try


Chances are, you’ve occasionally thrown back a few bottles of a popular Mexican amber lager. Maybe you drank them before you got into craft beer and now they make you nostalgic, or maybe you harbor dreams of being the Most Interesting Man  — or Woman — in the World. Whatever the…

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Last Call for IBUs: Fact, Fiction and Their Impact on Your Beer


I’ve been thinking a lot about IBUs. It all started quite innocently. I was recently bellied up to the bar at my local pub, as I’m known to do, and I couldn’t help but overhear a group of young men perusing the admittedly impressive list of libations scrawled onto the…

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New to Craft Beer? These 7 Dark Lagers are Easy on the Palate


Bitter IPAs and boozy, barrel-aged beers might shock the palate if you’re trying to introduce a curious newcomer to craft beer. Instead, it’s generally better to hand them a beer style that simultaneously feels familiar and also enlightens — dark lagers embody those traits. German-style Schwarzbiers, dunkels, bocks, and American…

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Anchor Beer Cocktail: Porter Pop


Anchor Beer Cocktail: Porter Pop Our friends at Anchor Distilling let us know that April 19th is National Amaretto Day. (Who knew?!) Naturally, we used it as an excuse to collaborate. Together we created a delicious beer cocktail called Porter Pop, featuring our beer and spirits from Anchor Distilling’s impressive portfolio. Amaretto,…

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This Oregon Beer Spa Will Change How You Feel About Spas


You know beer makes you happy, but a lot of people ask the question: Can beer actually be good for you (in moderation, of course)? One Oregon therapist will wholeheartedly tell you “Yes!” Her latest venture, among the first beer spas in the country, was founded around the health benefits…

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National Beer Day: Here’s to Choice, Freedom and the American Way


“Every day is National Beer Day.” Right? You will no doubt see this comment — or think it to yourself — after hearing that April 7 is dubbed National Beer Day. The day is marked in the United States as the effective date of the Cullen-Harrison Act, which, prior to the official…

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Anchor Brewing Teams Up with San Francisco Giants for Second Collaboration Beer Release, Los Gigantes


We’re very excited to announce our second limited edition collaboration brew with the San Francisco Giants, Los Gigantes, a crisp, clean, and crushable Mexican style lager. Baseball and San Francisco have gone hand in hand for more than 100 years. With roots that date back to the California Gold Rush, Anchor…

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Are Experimental Hops are the Future of IPA?


Beer drinkers and beer brewers can’t seem to get enough hoppy beers, but when it comes to finding enough of the desired varieties of hops, the struggle is real. No, there’s no need for mass chaos around a hop shortage, and no your favorite IPA beer isn’t going extinct anytime soon.…

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