Bed & Brew: 20+ U.S. Breweries with Beer Hotels


In 1994, Fredericksburg Brewing Company in Fredericksburg, Texas, coined the term “bed & brew” at its downtown brewpub where guests receive a pint on the house before retiring upstairs. To date, that bed & brew concept is gaining popularity – and beer lovers across the country can rest assured that…

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Plan Ahead: Check Out These Winter Beer Festivals


Many breweries and event companies around the U.S. are throwing beer festivals during the cold-weather months – and craft beer drinkers can’t get enough. After all, there’s nothing quite like a robust stout to keep you warm. Why not throw saisons, Belgian wits, and others into the mix? As a…

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Buffalo Beercation: Come for Niagara Falls, Stay for the Beer


Buffalo, New York, is known for wings, football and nearby Niagara Falls. Situated on the US-Canadian border, the city is no stranger to tourists. Visitors come to see the Falls, take in Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture and explore the home where Teddy Roosevelt was sworn in after President William McKinley…

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