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If anyone is interested about me & beerpage.com, keep reading.  After graduating UCLA, I sought much advice about which field I should enter.   After some polling of my friends and family, the advice was surprisingly clear.  They all came up with ‘follow your interests’ and ‘do what you love’… I went to work in the Beer & beverage industry.

I enjoyed many successful years working for a large beer distributor in Southern California. When I started, Miller Brewing Company owned the distributorship. MBC’s focus was as much about brand building as it was distribution.  Eventually MBC sold and a national beverage distribution company took over.  This new owner’s goal was also clear, make money.

Over the years I had a chance to rep many brands including Miller, Heineken, Corona, Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, Humboldt, among many others. I started on the bottom and worked my way up. Eventually I chose to work as a salesman, on premise, off premise, events…Over time I sold beer to pretty much every establishment in Orange County.  At some point, I realized I wanted to try something new and left to go work for an internet startup.

That is when I created beerpage.com, back in 1996.  I wanted to learn html, and get as much beer news as possible, in one place, so I could keep up with the industry I love.  I currently home-brew a mean IPA and a few other tasty treats.  Over the years, I have allowed my schedule to dictate the time I could spend on the site.  This current version of beerpage.com uses news feeds from breweries that I like and are cool enough to share their content. The content is shared with me via RSS.  I hope others also find the site easy to use and can get some good beer info easily.  Most of the content is not owned by me, just shared.  If you have content on my site and want it removed Direct message me on twitter @beerpage_com.  I will remove the content as soon as I am notified.  This site gets 1,000 visitors a month, and makes about $3.00(yes 3 bucks) in ad money, so believe me I am not getting rich off your articles.  Hopefully this site gets more fans for your site.  This is my goal symbiosis…

Grab a beer, pull up a chair, and read some good stuff about beer…mmm, I love Beer!

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