Introducing Joe-Joe’s Cookie Stout – A Collaboration Brew with Trader Joe’s

Joe-Joe's Cookie Stout

We’re thrilled to announce the debut of Joe-Joe’s Cookie Stout™, a collaboration brew to celebrate the 50th anniversary of beloved grocery store Trader Joe’s. An homage to the Joe-Joe cookie, this tasty new brew brings together two California manufacturers in one unique, cookie-infused beer.

Joe-Joe’s Cookie Stout (6% ABV) is a creamy, chocolatey stout that evokes Trader Joe’s signature Joe-Joe’s cookie. “When we decided to use Joe-Joe’s cookies not just as an inspiration for the beer but as an ingredient in the beer, we all got excited about it,” said Anchor Brewmaster Scott Ungermann. “We collectively agreed that this was by far the most exciting idea for a collaboration.”

“We bought a bunch of Joe-Joe’s cookies and, after eating and deconstructing them, we decided to use the cookie portion and not the creamy filling,” said Ungermann. “The cookie material going into the beer’s mash seemed like the best fit for the flavor and aroma of cookies. We added specialty malt in the mash to give that chocolatey texture, and we added pure cacao to get even more of that chocolatey flavor. The result is a unique stout with big, roasted, malty, dark chocolate aromas. It smells like chocolate milk, but with a little more roasted dark chocolate.”

Joe-Joe’s Cookie Stout pours a deep, dark mahogany brown with a creamy brown head and presents a bold aroma of chocolate maltiness, roasted grains and a slight hint of milky sugars. The beer is slightly sweet up front with a cocoa butter nuttiness and dark biscuit middle. The slight bitterness on the back end is nicely balanced with a lingering malty sweetness. It is brewed with Nugget hops, a variety of malts and, of course, Joe-Joe’s Cookies.

Joe-Joe’s Cookie Stout is available December – January in 22oz bottles at Trader Joe’s.  Find a brew near you using the Anchor Beer Finder.

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