Rock Band Foreigner Stops by Louisiana Brewery

Remember Foreigner, the late 70s/early 80s British-American rock band responsible for “Juke Box Hero,” “Hot Blooded,” “Cold as Ice,” and countless more hits that were fighting their way up the charts during the disco craze sweeping America at the time? Turns out, a few of the current band members are…

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Hoppin’ Frog/Siren 5-Alarm Chili Beer: American Style Release!

We are releasing Hoppin’ Frog’s 5-Alarm Chili Beer: American Style on Saturday Feb. 4th., on-tap and in bottles to-go starting at 11:00 am!! It is a uniquely-balanced hot and spicy alarm-red ale made in collaboration with Siren Craft Brew in England! We made the “English-style” at their brewery, and then…

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In the City Where the Wright Brothers First Took Flight, Warped Wing Brewery is Taking Off


When the founders of Warped Wing Brewing Company opened their doors in downtown Dayton, Ohio, in January 2014, they didn’t wade in slowly from the shallow end — they dove in head first. And they did so in the heart of downtown, an area that had seen an economic downturn in…

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SweetWater and Sam Adams Talk a Little Smack on Twitter Ahead of the Big Game


A Georgia gas station manager, incensed by a Boston sports writer’s slam on Atlanta Falcons fans, lit a match that sparked twitter smack talk between two of the biggest craft brewers in the U.S. ahead of next Sunday’s big game. Atlanta’s SweetWater Brewing and Samuel Adams, made by Boston Beer…

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Tactical Tasting: How to Harness Your Sixth Sense


Enjoying beer is a total sensory experience where all five senses go into our enjoyment of the beverage. We see the beer. We smell the beer. We touch the beer to our taste buds. We even listen to the carbonation escape when we open a can or bottle (listen to…

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The Internet Loses Its Mind Over This Beer Made with Oreos

Oreo beer is a real thing. The kid in me just did cartwheels in the office — and the internet is losing its mind. See, back when I was young, we had it rough. If you wanted cookies and milk, you really had to work for it. After fetching the…

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Graeter’s Ice Cream and Braxton Brewing Co. Release Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Stout

CINCINNATI, OH – Graeter’s Ice Cream, family owned craft ice cream manufacturer since 1870, and Braxton Brewing Co., a local brewing company, have partnered to release a unique ice cream-inspired stout. This Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Milk Stout is a first for both brands, bringing Graeter’s and Braxton Brewing Co.…

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New Belgium Brewing to Open Final Four States in Early ‘17

A new year brings new opportunity as New Belgium Brewing finalizes distribution in all 50 states. Currently sold throughout the U.S. with the exception of Oklahoma and the upper northeast, New Belgium will open Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Oklahoma in the first half of 2017. With a second brewery…

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9 Weird Brewery Names and the Stories Behind Them


A name is such a defining character that the thought of choosing the wrong one can be gut wrenching for a brewery. Check out these nine breweries and the areas of inspiration and life experiences they pulled from when developing their names. Hopping Gnome Brewing Co. | Wichita, KS Customers…

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Tennessee Brew Works Releases Tripel Star on January 26th

NASHVILLE, TENN.—Celebrate Tennessee Beer! Tennessee has changed their ABV laws and now local breweries are able to finally spread their wings and brew the beers the way they want! Harnessing the yeast of the legendary Westmalle Abbey, a traditional Trappist brewery in Belgium, Tennessee Brew Works has created Tripel Star, a traditional Belgian-style…

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