Cold Weather Brews to Kick Off the Season


This time of year means darker nights, cold weather, and lots of time trying to stay warm. We knock back darker beers, putting our focus on heavier brews that feel nourishing during the chilliest fall nights. It seems as though the beer we drink has a bit more of a kick to it during the Fall and Winter too, perhaps a way to help us hibernate through these tougher months. Beers with higher percentages of alcohol by volume often seem a little heavier to the belly and a lot more complex to the taste buds and our suggested cold weather brews are not different.

Redwood Oatmeal Stout

Our Redwood Oatmeal Stout is sweet but not in a way that tastes fake or overpowering. Just a well-balanced mess of nutty and caramel notes.  With a perfect use of hops, the brew has a surprisingly dry finishing, encouraging your take another bit of that chocolate wonder. Sure, you could enjoy this stout alone as a dessert itself, but life is short. Paired with a slice of heavenly chocolate cake or fresh berries, the RedWood Oatmeal Stout is seriously magnificent.

Black Hawk Stout

Generally all black in color with a coffee-like aroma, a classic Irish-style Dry Stout is dominant in its malted flavor and will have indiscernible hop notes. Our Black Hawk Stout maintains that traditional Irish with a low alcohol content at 5.2% ABV. This creamy drink is subtle stout which welcomes you into the world of dark beers on a cold, dark night.

Imperial Barley Wine Ale

At a whopping 11% ABV, this Imperial Barley Wine Ale is a vigorously strong brew. Plentiful notes of sherry, malt, and an initial flavor of deeply rich molasses. Perfect for drinking around the fire, this drink is meant to be enjoyed without attempting to pair it with a food. Rather, this ale is meant to be savored on its own for the truly unique palette it offers.

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