Outer Light Brewing Releases No Billboards in Space Pale Ale

If you’re an alien on another planet looking for refreshment, you probably won’t discover this beer because, well, there are no billboards in space. If you’re an Earthling looking for a beer that is out-of-this-world delicious, look no further. No Billboards in Space Pale Ale, our brand new brew, beams…

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Toast to the Winter Solstice with Full Sail’s New Shortest Day CDA

The shortest day of the year means the longest night, with more time to drink Full Sail’s new, perfectly balanced Shortest Day Cascadian Dark Ale. Shortest Day CDA, which has already won a gold medal from this year’s Great International Beer & Cider Competition, is brewed with 2-row pale, crystal, and…

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Craft Breweries to Watch in 7 Southern Cities


Due to restrictive post-Prohibition alcohol laws and a strong religious history of temperance, the Southeast U.S. has lagged behind the brewery boom that has swept the country. However, Southerners are pushing past the obstacles and more breweries are opening up every month — not just in known brewery havens like…

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The Love of Craft Beer


Traditional and hand made products have their own uniqueness. Products which are handmade and customized are hard to come by in the modern world. When we drink a decent craft beer, we’re tasting classic craftsmanship. Good craft beers bring with them the effort, joy and happiness exerted into the production…

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Avery Brewing Announces Lineup Changes for 2017

It’s out with the old and in with the funky at Avery Brewing. The Boulder-based brewery recently announced changes to its beer lineup, which will focus more heavily on their Botanicals & Barrels series in the coming year, as well as on expanding distribution of their core lineup. Avery’s 2017…

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Asher Brewing Company 7th Anniversary Party

To show our appreciation for all the wonderful times you’ve given us over the past SEVEN years, you’re invited to celebrate our anniversary! Come into the taproom on December 3rd for some delicious food, beer, and live music! On tap for the first time ever will be our Jam Session…

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Friendsgiving Beer and Food Pairings


Turkey may get all the glory on Thanksgiving but it’s the holiday side dishes that steal our hearts. A Thanksgiving inspired beer-pairing dinner party matches craft beer styles with classic turkey-day trimmings. Our seven-course meal includes everything but the bird. The suggested pairings are based on both traditional holiday flavor…

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Full Pour: Band of Bohemia’s Michael Carroll on Monumental Michelin Star Award


Chicago brewpub, Band of Bohemia, is now the first U.S. brewpub to earn a Michelin star, a highly-prestigious culinary award that is incredibly difficult to obtain. “Earning a Michelin star is seen as a gift from the gods,” explains Adam Dulye, Executive Chef of the Brewers Association. Only available in…

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A Brief Look at Hop History


While beer has been around for over 5,000 years, hops haven’t been used in the mash tun for nearly as long. Before hops were used as preservatives, strong aromas, and a reason for us to argue over internationals bitterness units, hops were a medicinal plant used by the Romans. So…

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Rise of the Niche Brewery: Brewers Look to Distinguish Their Brands


Ten years ago, I was a newly legal beer drinker trying to scrape together a living slinging beer for a Colorado craft brewery that had recently started making headlines by forgoing the bottle to package their big beers in aluminum cans. It was a different time then. A time when…

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