3 Quick Beer Inspired Costumes You’ve Got to Try

Halloween is only a few days away, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be celebrating all weekend long. Again, if you’re like me, getting a costume together can be really aggravating. I love celebrating, but I’m an adult. I’ve got a job that keeps me working 50 hours a week. I’ve got responsibilities that keep me tied up until I need to climb into bed or faint. But these long hours and to-do list the size of my arm are just more reasons we all need Halloween weekend. If you don’t have time to slave over a costume, here are some quick costumes inspired by my favorite thing: beer.


dufflaban2There are a lot of great Simpsons inspired Halloween costumes that involve beer, but I like Duffman because you can easily get away without painting your skin yellow or wearing ping-pong balls over your eyes. Pull out a sky blue tank top of a t-shirt and use electrical tape or a sharpie (if you’re okay with ruining the shirt) to write out “Duff” on the shirt. Pair with some tight red undies over blue leggings and you’re ready. Add a beer koozie belt, which you can pick up from Amazon Prime and have in time, and you’re all set. Oh, don’t forget to fill your belt with Mendo brews, okay?


Sexy Beer Bottle

Since all of our costumes apparently have to be sexy these days, why not a sexy beer bottle? Throw on a tube dress and print out the logo of your favorite Mendocino Brewing Company beverage, top with a yellow hat if you’ve got it, and voila! A no effort Halloween costume that’s also fun.

Redneck Couple Costume

sadasI love this couples costume. Not even a little cheesy, spot on, and easy to throw together. Ladies, wrap your hair in beer cans like the picture, or a beer cap necklace. Throw on a dirty t-shirt, some daisy-dukes and head out with a beer in hand and you’ve got yourself a really fun costume.

What did we miss? Do you have a better idea for a couple’s costume? Let’s hear it!

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