Rogue Farms Is Like Santa’s Workshop, But for Hop Lovers


Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon, is a little like Santa’s workshop for hop lovers. You can walk through hop fields, watch the harvest during the late summer months and bask in that beautiful nose tingling, palate watering hop aroma — and it’s all about 75 miles from Rogue’s brewery in…

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7 Craft Beers as Mouthwatering as Halloween Candy

Okay, so we’re all grown up now, and as we age, the holidays become more and more about the children. Christmas. Easter. Thanksgiving. It’s all about teaching them tradition, making them smile and believe in something larger than themselves. It’s about family, and about spending time together. Thank goodness for…

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Jolly Pumpkin to Open Restaurant and Brewery in Hyde Park, Chicago

(Chicago, IL)—Jolly Pumpkin is heading across Lake Michigan to open a new restaurant and bar in Chicago. Jolly Pumpkin has announced it will be opening a location in Hyde Park, near the University of Chicago, in 2017. The 5,800-square-foot restaurant will serve craft beers, distilled spirits, and wines available through…

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3 Quick Beer Inspired Costumes You’ve Got to Try


Halloween is only a few days away, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be celebrating all weekend long. Again, if you’re like me, getting a costume together can be really aggravating. I love celebrating, but I’m an adult. I’ve got a job that keeps me working 50 hours a…

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6 Things Businesses Can Learn from Craft Beer

Craft beer is pretty great. Besides the obvious points that, well, it is beer and beer is great in general, there’s a lot more that pours into it. Craft beer stands for uniqueness, originality, quality, persistence, hard work, passion and spontaneity. Unlike its Big Beer competition, craft breweries know few…

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Gunbarrel Brewing Company Coming to Boulder, Colorado in 2017!

Boulder, Colorado: The founders of Gunbarrel Brewing Company, Jamie Fox and his wife Marie announce they have signed a lease on an apx. 20,000 square foot facility at 7088 Winchester Circle in the Gunbarrel area of Boulder for their self-funded brewery. Gunbarrel Brewing Company will offer a wide variety of…

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A Tale of Its Own: Fiction Beer Company Rises in East Denver


Nestled in the corner of one of East Denver’s oldest neighborhoods is a gem worthy of its own tale. From a humble beginning to a community’s treasure and GABF medal-winner, Fiction Beer Company has blossomed into one of the Mile High City’s most worthy brewery stops. Fiction’s story began over…

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Washington D.C.: Craft Beer in a Politics Town


D.C. is first and foremost a political town, but in the past few years that has been starting to change — and I think that craft beer has a lot to do with it. When I tell someone I live and work in Washington D.C., the inevitable question is: “Is it…

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Beer and Business: Is Your Drink Order an Indicator of Your Business Endeavors?


We’ve all been there. You’re at the bar, and you’ve been looking forward to diving into your White Hawk IPA, but when you order it after someone else, your friends give you a hard time. “Come on, that’s no fun. Try something new,” they say. So you order something else…

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Introducing Jester King 2016 SPON — Méthode Gueuze


We’re very excited and proud to announce the release of Jester King 2016 SPON — Méthode Gueuze, our first ever 100% spontaneously fermented beer. Jester King 2016 SPON — Méthode Gueuze is a blend of one, two, and three year old 100% spontaneously fermented beer made using the traditional method…

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