Meet You at the Blind Pig: Throwing a Prohibition Era Party with Mendocino’s Giggle Water


These days, it’s easy to forget that the manufacturing and sale of alcohol was illegal in the United States, but from 1920 to 1933, the Prohibition Era reigned. Thankfully, those dark ages are over, but while, they created an awful lot of unnecessary crime, they did prompt some great styles and trends perfect for creating an awesome thematic party. Looking to host a great event? Consider something straight from 1922!

Think pinstriped suits with oversized lapels and pixie cuts with beaded gowns. And, for those who love a good party, there’s just something about a themed event with Mendocino beer to make for an unforgettable night.

“Not” Invitations

Rather than send out a generic social media post about your upcoming party, send out an invite to a gathering to discuss the dangers of libations and living scandalously. Since some pharmacies secretly sold alcohol under the guise of medication, secretly advertise your medsevent by discussing medicinal samples of Mendo Brew. Better yet, hand deliver your invites discretely tucked in books or brown paper packages. Make sure your guests know they’ll be attending a speak-easy or Blind Pig (two names for secret places to drink) and leave them intrigued.


Dressing for a Speak Easy

In yovintage-1384362_960_720ur “not” invitations, make sure your guests know that a Roarin’ Twenties outfit is a must. Bring cigars (if only for the look) and fake pistols if you’d like to play the role of a mobster. Check here for men and women’s outfit ideas.


Creating the Perfect Speak Easy Décor

First things first, a back door entrance is a total must. No secret booze-fest was found with a front door entrance and so you’ll need a back door entrance with a dubious-looking doorman. A basement is the perfect place to hold your party, but make sure there is plenty of drapery on the walls and just enough light to keep things going but not call attention from the neighbors. Click here for some more 1920’s décor ideas.


The Drinksspeakeasy-267804_960_720

Our Imperial collection has some of the best beers available for a beer-ba
sed Roaring Twenties shin-dig.  From 8 to 11% alcohol by volume, these are the kinds of beers made for a “dry” country.


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