Dry Battered Canadian Yellow Perch Meets Our Peregrine Pilsner and Butte Creek Pale Ale


We’re nearing the end of July, and if you haven’t gotten out to the lake yet, now’s the time! I’ve got several fillets of Canadian Yellow Perch that I, I’ll admit, didn’t catch myself, but picked rather up from the local fishery.

For the batter, I used a basic flour, Italian panko mix, and water batter with a salt and pepper to taste. You can find similar recipes here. I also mixed up some homemade coleslaw and bought a bagged of frozen country fries…wasn’t feeling like that much of a homemaker.


Our Peregrine Pilsner is Crisp and Refreshing

Our PeregIMG_2141rine pilsner is carefully crafted with light malts and a huge helping of the Saaz hops that make it a proper Czech beer. Totally refreshing yet full-bodied, the Peregrine pilsner is brilliantly gold in color and finishes with an almost spicy hop aroma. The heavily seasoned coleslaw went well
with the bold flavors of this beer. Since panfish is generally a more mild tasting fillet, the pilsner’s flavors gave plenty of room for the flavorful seasonings in the fish batter.


Butte Creek’s Certified Organic Pale Ale

IMG_2175Caramel in color as well as in flavor, this pale ale went better than it’s opponent when it came to pairing with the coleslaw. Our pale ale is medium bodied and weighs in at only 5.5% ABV, so that you can have a beer or two with dinner without feeling loopy.



It’s a Draw! 

Both beers paired well with this meal and played off the food pairing in a natural and refreshing way. At the end of the day, it all seems to come down to preference with this one. If you’re in the mood for a fine, crisp pilsner, than you’ve got ours to match your tastes. If a pale ale sounds better tonight, than grab a six pack and enjoy it. The real joy here is just having a great brew to drink alongside a basic yet fabulously hearty meal.


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