A Hangover Cure…On the Go!

We’ve all been there, having drank just a few to many beers the night before, we now have hangover. Our heads are pounding, our bellies quivering with nausea, and moving from a horizontal to vertical plane makes the world spin. The easiest solution is prevention: not over indulging in the first place. However, when in Sin City, many drinkers find this level of restraint difficult, and rather than ruin their trip to Las Vegas by sleeping next to the toilet for an entire day, are spending time inside Jason Burke’s Hangover Heaven.

What Is a Hangover?

Go figure, there’s a medical definition for a hangover. It’s called veisalgia and it sucks. Scientists have found that since alcohol is a diuretic (meaning you pee more while drinking) some of the symptoms of hangovers are caused by dehydration. But, that doesn’t cover all of the symptoms. There are longer explanations found all over, but basically, alcohol affects your natural balance of blood sugar and normal electrolytes. Without these components, you just can’t function normally. So what’s the solution if you’ve got a massive hangover but you’re ready to hit the strip again?

Jason Burke’s Hangover Heaven

Jason Burke, an anesthesiologist and major entrepreneur, has created Hangover Heaven a bus staffed with medical professionals who will cure your hangover via intravenous therapy. Using a very small needle (one meant for children, in fact) the highly skilled team at Hangover Heaven claims to cure your hangover via a electrolyte and vitamin packed solution of IV fluid. Jason Burke seems to be doing well and so is his business!

The Best Choice? Avoid Hangovers in the First Place

While drinking one of our premium craft brews from Mendocino, consider going slow, and drinking a glass of water between each beverage. Have a snack while you imbibe and enjoy your beers rather than chugging them like a frat boy at Homecoming. Still, hangovers happen to the best of us, don’t feel ashamed and just take your pain as a lesson to never do it again!

Now, this whole hangover cure on wheels thing is a pretty neat idea. Would you try an IV hangover cure? 

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