Meet Our New Brew: The Lake Shore Hefeweizen

Broken down literally, the German word hefeweizen simply means yeast and wheat, not all that explanatory if you were hoping to understand just what makes a hefeweizen brew so special. beer-1379581_960_720If you’ve ever had one before, you’ll likely remember the fruity, banana-like aroma and clove flavor to the intentionally cloudy beer. But why are we so found the drink? It’s really all about esters.



Why Does a Hefeweizen Smell and Taste Like Fruity Cloves?

The Lakeshore Hefeweizen gets its character from the use of traditional German Hefeweizen yeast. This specially made yeast is responsible for creating the subtle notes of banana and clove in the beverage. You won’t actually find bananas or holiday-style spices anywhere near the kettle when the brew is being boiled, but during this beers’ processing, a chemical reaction occurs to creates the esters, aromas, and bold flavors notable for the hefeweizens unique flavor and cloudy appearance.


Hefeweizens should be full-bodied and rich as well as totally palatable if done properly. Initially high in alcohol by volume, this beer is exceptionally versatile. Smart brewers, like ours here at Mendocino, know how to  easily make hefeweizen into an all day session beer.

Mendocino Brewing Company’s “Lake Shore Hefeweizen”

HefeOur Lake Shore Hefeweizen is a spin on the classic German brew. Our malt is over 50% wheat, making it effortlessly smooth and rich yet completely drinkable. This beer is left unfiltered, the characteristic cloudy look of a Hefeweizen and it’s traditional robust germanic character.

The beer is lightly hopped with an IBU of 15, using Apollo and Willamette hops for a crisp finish, and is the perfect beer for a warm summer’s day. Enjoy Lake Shore Hefeweizen beside it’s inspiration, Lake Mendocino in Ukiah, California or at the beach with a freshly cut orange slice. A true session beer, The Lake Shore Hefeweizen sips at 5% alcohol by volume.



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