Should You Be Pouring Your Beer Into a Different Glass?


We’d like to think that our beer tastes great served in just about any fashion, yet there are arguments that your beer can taste even better when drank from the proper glass. There’s steins and stemmed glasses, nonic pints and snifters. Which beer should be poured where? Here’s what the people over at would have to say about serving a few of our favorite beers.

White Hawk IPA

nonick pintAccording to the professionals at, you’ll be looking for a nonic pint glass. A more professional looking version of the traditional pint glass, the nonic pint has a convex ring near the top of the glass and allows for a more aromatic drinking experience. And, as any hop head will tell you, the fresh smell of mixed hops is half the fun of drinking our classic White Hawk India Pale Ale. What else is the nonick pint glass good for? Just about every beer under 8% ABV.



Imperial Stoutdark beer

Any beer with an ABV above 8% will do well in a “snifter.” These short stemmed, wine-like glasses are perfect for our Imperial Stout or our Imperial Barley Wine Ale. At 10 and 11% ABV these are beers you need to pour modestly and drink slowly as well.




Blue Heron Pale Ale

beer mugThe lightest ales are great beers to serve in a classic beer mug. Thick, therefore insulated,
these keep beers cold
er longer, perfect for beers that are best served around 41 degrees Fahrenheit like our Blue Heron Pale Ale. They also look legitimate and are basically perfect for wearing with your Oktoberfest outfit. What, you’re not planning yours already?
What’s my opinion? I’m still not sure. I’m guess I’d have to say that I’m just happy to drink a Red Hawk Amber Ale from a bottle.

What do you think? Will you be changing up the way you serve your beer?

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