Mendocino’s Top 4 Memorial Day Brews

beach-72900_960_720While it’s a day created to honor those who’ve lost there lives for fighting for our country, Memorial Day is also thought of as the first official day of summer. That means it’s time to take out the lawn furniture, fire up the charcoal grill, and switch over to your summer beers. While you can never go wrong drinking a Mendocino Beer, Memorial Day is a great opportunity to try a few of our easy to sip brews while relaxing on the back porch.


Our Rock Point Session IPA is an Obvious Place to Startbeer-932943_960_720

This is an all day sipper at 4.5% ABV, and perfect for a warm Memorial Day. At 50 IBUs, it’s exceptionally bold while also brisk and refreshing. I love this beer with crisp, spicy, or bold dishes like fish tacos and chicken caesar salad.

Peregrine Pilsner is a Crowd PleaserIMG_2141

A proper Czech pilsner, the Peregrine pilsner is carefully crafted with three light malts and a generous helping of the Saaz hops originating from Czechoslovakia. Totally refreshing yet full-bodied, the Peregrine pilsner is brilliantly gold in color and finishes with spicy hop notes.

Kingfisher Premium Lager

Pebottle-576963_960_720rfectly balanced and crisp, I love this lager for its mildly “skunky” flavor and superior drinkability. Kingfisher is the sort of beer that heightens your tastebuds, making the drink better with every sip and your Memorial day gnosh all the more flavorful. Try this with spicy kabobs or alone with your toes in the sand. With this internationally award-winning brew, you won’t be disappointed.

Butte Creek PilsnerIMG_2199

A balanced mix of malt and hops, this standard pilsner feels like the perfect beer to just sit down and sip for the hell of it. Light malt flavors are playfully delightful with a crisp, refreshing aftertaste. The Butte Creek Pilsner has quickly become my favorite beer.

You know what I’ll be having, but what will you be drinking this Memorial Day weekend?

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