5 Pro Tips for Sampling Beer Flights

If sampling beer flights with your friends isn’t one of your favorite things to do, you should really reconsider your hobbies. Trying new beers by yourself or with friends is such a fun experience. A beer flight is simply a tray set up, usually on a paddle, to contain several small glasses of different beers. Flights, like wine tasting events, give you the opportunity to try a variety of brews in a restrained fashion. Why order flights with a little control? You’re guaranteed to improve your palette and ability to appreciate the distinct flavors and aromas of each beverage.


  1. Choose a Variety

This one is probably a no-brainer but it’s worth mentioning just in case you’re new to beer sampling. Grab something you’ve tried before or a style of a beer that you like, get a sample of something you think you’ll dislike, and ask the bartenders for suggestions. You might be surprised!


  1. Compare Old Favorites

While it might be tempting to sample only new brews, I highly suggest adding one or two glasses of old favorites. When trying new beers in direct comparison with glasses that you’ve never tried before, you’ll refine your tastes and discover just why you drink what you do.


  1. Order Water

Maybe this should have been the first pro-tip, but I’m stubborn enough to leave it here. Listen, sampling a beer flight without a glass of water next to you is just a waste of time. Between each sample, take a nice gulp of water, being sure to totally rinse out your mouth before swallow. You’ll appreciate your experience so much more.


  1. Compare Similar Styles

A fun way to create a beer flight after you’ve tried the old variety pack is to order an entire flight of similar beers. Consider ordering three light pilsners or all dark portebeer-1218742_960_720rs and stouts. This is an interesting way to pinpoint drinks that lived up to your expectations and drinks that weren’t what you anticipated.

  1. Sample Lightest to Darkest, Maybe

There is an old school rule that your flights need to be arranged and sampled from the lightest to darkest. And sure, if this is your first sampling experience, why not? But the reality is, you can sample however you’d like as long as you are drinking water between gulps. Decide for yourself whether you’re an orthodox beer drinker or a bit rebellious. All you’ve really got to do is enjoy yourself.


Alright, I’m hoping to hear from you. What is the best way to sample beer flights?

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