Cheers to the Women Who Hang at Breweries


I’m not shy about my beer snobbery, or maybe just my total enjoyment of the beer drinking experience. I love discussing different brews, trying new styles, and making judgmental comparisons. Okay, you might be thinking, so what? This is what craft brewing is about.


But here’s the deal, I’m a woman, and the pervasive image that women are thoughtless, light beer drinkers still hangs heavy in the air. Determined to put this stereotype to bed, I gathered a few of my beer loving girls and headed to a local pub to pick their brains. You’ve got plenty of posts to look forward to as far as what beer loving women are all about; this week, we’re talking about what makes a good beer drinking lady stay loyal to her favorite brewery or pub.


Women Want Beer Quality and Options

IMG_1114My girlfriends and I created a list of reasons we choose to hang out at certain pubs and beer quality immediately came first. We want to try a few varied drinks and decide on our favorites. We like beers made with excellence and creativity in mind. Basically we want to experience our beers.



As we sat on soft couches and chairs around low set tables, we discussed how important comfort really is to our entire brewery or pub experience. Not that we speak for all women, but my girlfriends agreed that a place which allows us to chill out in an environment that offers a varied seating is just the space for us. Tall tables for fun nights, big wide booths for sharing a beer over collaborative works, and soft spaces for complete relaxation.


While running over this issue, Lauren, an amazing thirty-something, had a great a-ha moment that provided us with tons of perspective. Knowing a bit of the background between two rival breweries, Lauren discussed how the most comfortable pub is co-founded and managed by a woman with total respect for the provision of thorough comfort. What a thought! That having a diverse staff with active roles in management could create such a great space!


Another moment of honesty here, my girlfriends and I are an artistic bunch. Whether we knit, perfect nail art, or write for a living (ahem), artistic touches to a brewery gives us talking points, inspiration, and the feeling of belonging. A brewery who cares about the artists in their community cares about the process of creation-and women too.


The Crowd

This one here is a deal breaker. While it’s unfortunate we still live in a world where women worry about their safety when they go out for a few drinks, feeling like the crowd in the chosen pub is safe will make us stay. If the people are rowdy, too pushy, or giving us that deep gut feeling that things aren’t right, we’re leaving stat.


The creation of a safe space to chill, drink great beer and enjoy each other’s company is what brings us into your brewery. And, if your beer is any good, we’ll stay sampling flights till closing time.


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