The Perfect Pair: Beer and Football

 Why Beer and Football Go Together

Peanut butter and jelly.  Macaroni and cheese.  Beer and football.  Some things are just meant to go together.

There is something about football that calls for beer.  From the anticipatory tailgate party to the postgame celebration, beer plays a central role. Even if you just watch the game from home with a couple of friends, do you ask them to pick up a nice chardonnay on their way over? No way! You tell them to bring the beer or beat it.

If there is any doubt in your mind that beer and football belong together, just check out these statistics from past Super Bowls.  Statistics Brain Research Institute released data stating that 49.2 million cases of beer were bought for Super Bowl XLVI.  That is a lot of beer.  In 2013, NBC Bay Area News released an article stating that $1.01 billion were spent in the two weeks surrounding the previous year’s Super Bowl.  And that number only accounts for beer sales in grocery stores and convenience stores.  Can you imagine how huge that number would be if it included restaurants, bars, and the stadium itself?

Speaking of football stadiums and beer consumption, have you heard that more and more US colleges are starting to sell beer at their football games?  That’s right!  According to, as of the 2015 season 34 college stadiums are now serving alcohol.  While the alcohol sold at games generally includes beer, wine and cider, beer is of course the real money maker (I mean, who drinks wine or cider at a football game anyway?).  In September of this year the athletic director at West Virginia, Shane Lyons, told New York Times that “approximately $500,000 a year just in beer comes back to us.”  There was absolutely no mention of profits from wine or cider.  If that isn’t a testament to the bond between beer and football, what is?

At Rubicon Brewing in Sacramento, we are quite familiar with the cherished union of beer and football.  That is why we host Punt the Keg from 11am to 7pm every Sunday and Monday during football season.  What is Punt the Keg?  If the keg blows (on select beers) while we are pouring your beer, you will get a free pint glass and 20% off your bill. So if you are in the Sacramento area and you are looking for a great place to celebrate the joys of beer and football, swing by Rubicon Brewing.


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