Mendocino Brewing Wants Your Label Suggestions!

Rock Point Session IPA

Rock Point Session IPA

Mendocino is creating a new line of labels, and they need your help! The new labels feature landmarks all around Mendocino County, and any suggestions are appreciated. Post your ideas on the Facebook page or in the comments below!

Keith Stevenson, the designer of the new labels, offered to give us some insight on the design process and what the labels are meant to convey.

 What was the inspiration to feature Mendocino landscapes on Mendo’s new labels?

 Keith: For this current range of seasonal beers, we thought we should celebrate the community of craft beer by recognizing our home here in Mendocino County.  This first release, Rock Point – our session IPA, was inspired by a photograph of the Point Arena Light House.  We want pay homage to our environs by featuring favorite Mendocino landmarks from all around the county.

  How did you choose the Point Arena Lighthouse for the Rock Point label?

 Keith: I looked at hundreds of photos.  I even spent time while on vacation to shoot pictures. But somehow nothing seemed right.  Then Yashpal Singh, our CEO, saw this photo and forwarded it to me.  That was it!  I spoke to the Point Arena Lighthouse management and acquired the rights to use the image.  Then I tweaked the image to create a visual story.  A story of ease, laid-backness (If there is such a word!).  I wish I could claim ownership of the name, but that goes to my colleague, Keith Tabayoyon. He saw the image and named it “Rock Point.” 

 What changes did you make to the original photograph?

Keith: While keeping to the intent of the original image, I also tried to heighten the sense of calm and space. Irrelevant visual data was removed.  The rock face was enhanced, as were the roofs of the building, the clouds in the sky and the lighthouse. Then I converted it to an oil paint finish and finally had a look that I was pleased with. 

And you’re also taking suggestions from fans, right?

 Keith: Yes. Yes. Yes.  Fans, beer lovers, HELP!!!!!!  Can I be any more subtle than that?  I would so love to have our legions of MendoBrew lovers send me suggestions for suitable landmarks in our county to feature on our labels.  So if I have been too vague in the previous sentence – Please suggest!


What’s your scene?

So help us out! Let us know what landmarks and scenes around Mendocino County you think should be celebrated on one of the labels.  Historical, cultural, natural or man-made–whatever you think best represents the area and its communities!





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