Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company Unveils New 16oz Can Designs

Known throughout the craft beer industry for their sustainability practices, in 2012 Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company announced that three of their flagship products would be available in cans. A rarity among craft breweries of the time.

Initially the brewery used a printed label to test the medium as their hand-painted designs would not translate to the printed can format.

Flash forward three years. The brewery has relocated to a new facility, increased their distribution footprint, and updated their logos and branding.

As can sales have grown and the market has become more accepting of craft beer in cans, better printing techniques have also evolved.

On the heels of winning “Business of the Year” and “Sustainable San Mateo County” the brewery announced today that they have unveiled new printed cans with updated versions of their artwork.

“We worked closely with artists and Crown Cork & Seal to translate our art to a format that works well on the printed can,” said Christopher Garrett, Founder and CEO. “It took many hours and now we have an absolutely fantastic package.”

The three styles available are:

Full Boar Scotch Ale – Brewed with a proprietary malt blend and lightly smoked with peat moss. It imparts subtle hints of chocolate, caramel and smoke in a beer that drinks astonishingly smoothly.

  • California Sunshine Rye IPA – Exceptionally well balanced with assertive hop bitterness, a toasty and bready malt mouth-feel, and a grassy, dry finish.
  • Deadicated Amber Ale – A medium-bodied ale with a beautiful tawny color, a nice lace head, and a cascade finish.
  • Devil’s Canyon’s products are currently available in 6 States, 3 Countries and a U.S. Territory with additional distribution deals currently under negotiation.

To get a sense of the dramatic change the new artwork conveys, before and after photos are available at the brewery’s Instagram page:

For more information in regards to distribution, please contact Daniel Curran, Sales and Marketing VP at

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