Glass Bottle Recycling

The Significance of Glass Bottle Recycling

Over the past decade, one of the most heated topics of debate is that of climate change.  There is no denying that greenhouse gas emissions damage our atmosphere and are causing climates around the world to change.  Many people might think that they cannot really do much other than drive a hybrid and try to save energy, but the fact of the matter is that recycling is one of the best things that a household can do for the environment.  At Rubicon, we love our beer, but we know our beer would not be possible to create without the bounty of the environment which is why we want to encourage glass bottle recycling.

Glass bottle recycling offers a great benefit to the environment, as glass is one hundred percent recyclable, and it can be recycled repeatedly without losing any quality or purity.  Recycling glass allows for reduced emissions and consumption of raw materials required for creating glass.  It can also save manufacturers money; by recycling, the need for production is lowered and the cost of maintaining equipment decreases, which in turn also decreases energy consumption.  Not only can bottle recycling help reuse bottles, but the glass that has been broken or reused too many times can be re-purposed to produce goods such as tile, pavements, and filtration systems.

Recycling is not only extremely beneficial to the environment, but it is also easy to do.  All it takes is a few extra steps to the recycle bin.  Most glass bottle recycling plants sort the glass by color in order to keep re-purposed glass as clear as possible; but they do not require citizens to sort their glass products, which makes it even easier for households to recycle.  For those that question the small amount of effort required to recycle, just remember that without recycling, future generations may not ever get a taste of a Rubicon brew.

Next time you pick up a six pack of Rubicon brew, remember to put those bottles into a recycling bin where they will be reused the proper way.  There is only one planet, and if we want to continue to make delicious Rubicon beer, we need that environment to be in the best possible shape to offer the best possible ingredients.  Stop by Rubicon brewing today, or visit your local super market to pick some up, and do not forget to recycle those bottles!

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