@WallaceBrewing Co. Releases Huckleberry Shandy #craftbeer

WallaceBrewing Co. Releases Huckleberry Shandy

Press Release | April 17, 2015

Wallace, ID – The Silver Valley’s premier craft brewer, Wallace Brewing Company announces its second huckleberry inspired beer as the Pacific Northwest begins to warm up this spring. Starting today, Wallace Brewing is proud to release its Huckleberry Shandy, a sessionable brew made with freshly crushed huckleberries.

Recognizing an absence of craft shandys – a style primarily dominated by macro breweries, Wallace Brewing developed the concept of blending an American Lager with lemonade and real huckleberries as the perfect beer to quench the thirst of it’s proud Northwest craft beer drinkers. When brainstorming recipe ideas, the combination of lemonade and huckleberries was a given, but a lot of discussion was placed on what style of beer should make up the base. After several rounds of taste testing, Brewmaster, Jack Johnson committed to blending in his Idaho Select Lager, a beer well known for its crisp, light body largely due to its primary ingredient, Idaho-grown pilsner malt.

Tasting notes:

Picture juicy huckleberries and slightly tart, citrusy lemonade on the nose, anchored by a crisp lager with a bright carbonation.

Huckleberry Shandy Quick Facts:

  • 3.25% ABV
  • Availability: Draft
  • Distribution: Northern Idaho, Washington

About Wallace Brewing Company:

Wallace Brewing Company opened its brewery and Orehouse Tasting Room in January 2009. It calls 610 Bank St. in historic Wallace, Idaho home, a small town in the Silver Valley on I-90 made famous for its mining heritage, unfortunate role in the 1910 fire, and it’s ever popular presence of bordellos until a raid in 1991. American Brewers Guild graduate and resident Brewmaster, Jack Johnson has led production of Wallace Brewing’s award winning ales and lagers since October 1, 2011. Playing on the abundant history throughout the mountainside town, Wallace Brewing takes pride in producing beer of historic proportion.


More information about Wallace Brewing Company can be found at WallaceBrewing.com; facebook.com/wallacebrewing and following @wallacebrewing on Instagram and Twitter.


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