Stout Beer: Don’t Judge A Beer By Its Color

The Misconceptions Of Stout Beer

Stout beer can be the most intimidating and misconceiving beverage of all time. This is usually because of the dark, milky looking appearance it embraces.  What really makes a stout standout from all the other beers is its strong, roasted flavor. This flavor is a result of roasted barley, made by highly kilning barley grain that hasn’t been malted. There are many variations of this awesome style. Some are dry and some are sweet, some hoppy and some alcoholic. But all in all, they each have that common characteristic of a roasted flavor that sets them apart from any other beer.

The appearance of a stout can lead to the fallacy of them being more potent, which is false since they can vary depending on each brew.  The theory is where the separation and combination of the terms “stouts” and “porters” came from.  A stout was first described as a strong beer, not a dark beer and a porter was first described as a dark, brown beer that was made with roasted malts. The beers with high gravities were actually called “stout porters”, so the history of stout and porter are intertwined which lead to the term “stout” becoming firmly associated with dark beer rather than just strong beer.

There are a number of variations of stout beer, ranging in a variety of strengths and colors. The dry or Irish stout is a popular brew, which is very dark and rich in color giving off a “roasted” or coffee-like taste. The imperial stout is a strong dark beer as well that was brewed in the 18th century in London, England. Then there are different variations like the milk stout which contains lactose and the oatmeal stout that contains proportions of oats. There are also many other variations that include chocolate stouts, coffee stouts and even oyster stouts! Aside from separating stouts by their given names, often times breweries have the tendency to differentiate the strengths of their beer with words like “extra”, “double” and “stout”.

So as you can see, there is much more to a stout beer than just the dark, milky looking appearance it has. If you’re interested in giving this unique beer a try, then head down to Rubicon Brewing Company where we have our very own dark brew called the Capricorn Black IPA. A unique creation that combines the love of stouts and porters with the bitterness and aroma found in an IPA. Come give your taste buds a treat!

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