Beer Gut

Beer Gut: What’s Your Point?

So maybe you’ve gained a few extra pounds over the years…can you really blame this all on our consumption of a few beers? Some people may say so and will blame that beautiful little beer belly on your brew. But we’re here to tell you that it’s not true and even if it was, who really cares? It’s time we let go of the expectations in our society, and let that beer gut shine!

To start off, let’s talk about where this little theory came from and why it’s still sticking around today. When you think of beer, many people also think about enjoying a cold brew alongside a greasy hamburger or hotdog, right?  For example, you and your buddy want to go have a beer or two or maybe even three, this sounds completely harmless right? Wait, now your stomach is feeling a little rumble and that person’s french fries at table 3 are starting to look really good! The next thing you know, you’re calling your waiter over to order not only another round of beer but also a couple burgers with fries. Well…that happened fast. Do you see the correlation of beer and your little beer gut that’s growing down there?

The reason your belly is growing isn’t really just because you’re consuming beer, it might be because of all the greasy food you are eating while drinking beer. Because let’s face it, beer doesn’t contain magical calories that cling to your midsection. Calories are calories, and more than likely, your intake of beer isn’t the only reason your belly’s growing. Let’s think about it though, do you actually care enough to stop drinking beer and ordering great food just so you can have that rockin’ hard body. Sure hope not, because at Rubicon Brewing Company we have a ton of finely crafted beer just waiting for you to drink! Not to mention beer is awesome and you shouldn’t let anything stand in the way of your happiness!

Just because you’ve gained a few pounds over the years doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying yourself, the only thing that should matter is your happiness. It’s time to rock that beer gut of yours and be proud! Come on down to Rubicon Brewing Company to show off that beer belly of yours by indulging in some great craft beer along with some great food!

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