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Importance of High Quality Brewing Supplies

It is common knowledge that when trying to create a high quality product, high quality ingredients are necessary.  This fact is also true for beer.  When brewing, the importance of high quality brewing supplies cannot be ignored.  Most brewers agree that without the right water, the result will never be up to snuff.  Water is the foundation of beer, and it takes the right type of water with the right balance of minerals and flavors to produce a beer that is smooth and tastes right.  Although water is the base, and the quality matters greatly, there are also a few other brewing supplies to consider when brewing.

After the water, the main ingredients of beer are: hops, barley, and yeast.  When contemplating the desired flavor of the final result, it is crucial to use the proper amount and type of hops.  Hops give beer its flavor; some have a stronger hop taste, while some beers are quite mild in order to ensure a smooth finish.  Beers that are strong in hop flavor are making a bit of a commotion these days in the craft brew industry.  It is important to utilize the brewing supplies while they are at the peak of their freshness to create the boldest flavor possible.

Once the hops have been accounted for, the barely, or malt, must be created.  A proper malt is important in order to create a proper sugar balance in the beer.  With such focus on the water and hops, malt is one of the most often overlooked brewing supplies, although it is just as important as the water or hops.  Without high quality malt, the beer may lose flavor and color; two key features that customers look for in craft beers.

The final supply is the yeast.  The yeast is what gives beer its alcohol content, as it ferments and combines with sugars to create alcohol.  Without high quality yeast, the beer will lack potency.  All in all, each component of a beer is of dire importance, and the quality should never be ignored.  A beer is only as good as its’ parts, which is why it is key to use a proper blend of high quality supplies when attempting to create a proper beer.  At Rubicon Brewing Company, only the finest local ingredients are used, which is what makes Rubicon brews so special and delicious.  Don’t believe me?  Head on down to Rubicon Brewing Company today and try one, or maybe two, for yourself!

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