Beer Goggles

Don’t Get Caught Wearing Beer Goggles

Enjoying a night out on the town can be much appreciated. After a long work week or after an extended lapse of time since you saw your friends last, this outing can be a release of emotions. Being able to gather with friends while enjoying some drinks can turn out to be the highlight of your week, that is if it is done responsibly. In efforts to have a good time, drinking can quickly increase from a responsible limit to an overly excessive amount. This increase in alcohol can alter your state of mind. What you might say or do under the influence can be significantly different than your words and/or actions in a sober state. Often this can increase the likeliness of putting on what is known as beer goggles. This is understood as a metaphoric reference of having a skewed perception of reality caused by an over-consumption of alcohol.

This ever so popular phrase is often heard in the context “he or she is wearing beer goggles.” As funny as its definition is, being in a drunken state of mind where what you see is not really what you’re getting can be downright embarrassing. Maybe not all of us have experienced this, but for most of us we know someone who has. There you are in a crowded bar, a few too many IPA’s in and the woman or man across the bar you overlooked coming in somehow catches your attention. In a sober state you may be friendly with this less than attractive human being, but not to the point you tell them you want to marry them and go in for a kiss. Situations like these can quickly progress into something you may regret. That is why it is important to pace your alcohol consumption appropriately.

We all love beer, I mean who doesn’t. It’s refreshing, cold, smooth and delicious. However, having too many over your limit can leave you with beer goggles instead of a good memory. That is why we recommend having a reliable support system in your outings. Just like the saying “no man left behind”. By being part of a group of people who have your best interest in mind, it can help prevent your epic night from being one you regret. This means not only having friends there to make sure you’re safe, but also keep you smart. This can prevent you from making unwise decisions or at least help you see things in a different perspective. So be safe and be smart when you go out to enjoy your next round of beers, trust us you will be thanking us later!

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