New Beers, New Labels and Specialty Kegs!

White Ale makes way for a Session IPA

The craft beer world is evolving quickly as more people are learning to appreciate the value and taste of a well-brewed beer. Homebrew clubs are seeing increased memberships, laws are loosening, and Starbucks is now selling beer.

If you’ve seen the new Mendocino Brewing labels—or tasted the Anniversary Saison—then you know Mendo’s been making some exciting changes as well. And the coming year holds even more. While some details are still being kept secret, Mendo is definitely gearing up for an exciting new year!

A New Seasonal Session IPA

Session beers are becoming increasingly popular as craft beer drinkers look for a break from the high-octane beers that have been sweeping the market. I’m looking forward to the change, because as much as I enjoy a nice high-gravity beer, I also like to be able to stretch out the evening of drinking. Full-flavored, lower alcohol beers are a bit harder to make than those higher in alcohol—it is the alcohol that helps suspend the flavors.

Mendo’s brewers are up to the task, though, and Mendocino Brewing will release a new seasonal session IPA this April. This new release will replace Mendo’s White Ale, and will have a lower ABV of under 5% while still being aggressively hopped and full-flavored.

New Seasonal Six Packs and Names 

More new labels to come...

More new labels to come…

Mendo’s seasonal lineup is getting a reboot. The labels, which currently feature a collage of birds, will be replaced with individual graphics for each beer. The design team has been soliciting images of the Mendocino countryside to use on the six pack carriers, and are also having fun coming up with new names for the beers.

A New Talon Release

This year will also see another new Talon release. The Talon series, known for its bolder taste, has already brought us Talon Double IPA and Talon Double Smoked Porter. No one has let on yet what the newest Talon release will be, but one thing is certain—it won’t be ordinary!

Specialty Keg Releases for Beer Weeks

Mendocino Brewing is a huge supporter of beer festivals and beer weeks. To help make the festivals even more festive, Mendo will be offering new specialty keg releases at Beer Weeks throughout California.  Beer festivals are already great places to try new brews and meet your favorite brewers, and Mendo’s specialty kegs are yet another reason to start planning a road trip.

Stay Tuned for Updates!

Keep checking in as more details surface on Mendo’s plans for the year, and let us know what changes you’re looking forward to this year. An innovative new beer? Shiny new labels? And just what are these new keg releases?

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