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Working in the dynamic environment at one of America’s craft brewing pioneers lends itself to having a unique cast of characters – new and old alike – who call Anchor home. The brewers may be the “magicians,” but there’s an entire team here at Anchor who are dedicated to upholding our high standards of craft brewing. In our series of “Anchor Profiles,” we sit down with one of the interesting folks from the Anchor team, hand them an Anchor brew to loosen the lips, and ask them a few questions to help you get to know the people behind the hand-made beer.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Things you may not know about me: I am not a US citizen, despite being a (very) distant relative of Mayflower settlers. I grew up on a farm (and yes I worked on it). I received an athletic award in high school, despite being “lazy” (according to my mother). I spent about 5 years living in Europe so I don’t understand a lot of the pop-culture references from 2003-2008. I went to school in Brussels and earned a Graduate Degree in International Conflict Analysis (want to learn about private security companies or intelligence-sharing interfaces? Just ask me!). My favourite color is green and I get antsy if I have less than a 2 litres of Maple Syrup at home (it must be Canadian, anything else is an abomination).

What do you love to do in the Bay Area (or about the Bay Area)?

Park days are always great. The variety of restaurants is really fantastic, although the queues are not. I like visiting the Hamon Tower (at the de Young). The views are amazing.

How did you first become interested in craft beer?

There are many craft breweries where I’m from so I grew up with it, in a sense. My uncles picked hops in their youth and we usually had the local “Chilliwack Blonde” on tap at home.

When did you start working at Anchor and what do you do?

I started in October of 2013 and I work in the Finance Department in Accounts Payable.

Do you have a favorite brewing or beer-related memory – at Anchor or elsewhere?

Non-Anchor: Celebrating Wiesen when I lived in Germany and when my dad bought me a 6 pack of Leffe Blonde after I was accepted to Grad School. Anchor: sharing Steam with my family (it’s now available at their local liquor store –hooray!).

What do you love most about working in the beer industry?

Besides the product? The camaraderie. The competition is a lot friendlier than most industries. Meeting people from other breweries has always been met with enthusiasm.

What is your favorite Anchor beer?

I love Zymaster No. 4 ( Fort Ross Farmhouse Ale). It’s very reminiscent of many Belgian beers. I think the first time I had it was at the Christmas Party. I’m a huge fan of Anchor Steam Beer – it’s a go-to for every type of food.

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