Festivus 2014

Festivus-FB-bannerIt’s December, and that means it’s about time to get the pole out of the crawl space. No, we’re not gonna have a tree or candles or hundred-year-old songs people pretend to like when they hear it the 30th time in a day. No. December 23rd is Festivus, and that‘s what we celebrate.If you’ve seen the Seinfeld episode, you… basically know the whole thing. Grievances will be aired, feats of strength will be performed, and Jesse & his little brother will get out this past year’s aggression on each other in a public forum, like family business should be conducted.

Head brewer Jeff Kimpe’s brewing up some feats of strength of his own, too- Reindeer, Tinsel Tears, Sugar Spun, and of course, Festivus MiracAle.

The pole goes up at 5pm, and ends when the head of the household is pinned.

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