Beer Flights: A Little Taste of Everything

The Wonderful World of Beer Flights

There are times when we just really don’t know what we want to drink. Do we want an Irish Stout? Or do we want a classic Hefeweizen? Do we want a hoppy IPA? Or are we even thirsty at all? This same issue happens many times when we sit down at a restaurant. Over and over again we have to let the server know to give us a few more minutes to explore the menu because in reality, we have absolutely no idea what it is we actually want. Wouldn’t it just be easier if we could just have a little bit of everything? Well we can. The beauty of  beer flights is that it allows us to be confused on what you want and it not be a problem. We don’t have to choose what beer we want because we can literally have a little bit of everything!

If intrigued, then listen closely. Beer flights are an awesome way to get out there and put your indecisiveness to rest. Rather than staring at the menu for hours, just go ahead and select the beers that you’d like to try. As an alternative to having to order a glass of each beer, with this beer tester you will get a plethora of beers brought to you in smaller glasses, similar to shot glasses, with a different beer in each. This is comparable to the idea of wine tasting, but think of it as beer tasting. We are able to try a small amount of each exceptionally crafted beer without having to order multiple larger glasses. Not only is it impractical to do so, but it can also become a little pricey. Being able to have a variety of different beer in front of us offers an exciting activity to do while enjoying beer with the people around. It keeps us and our taste buds on their toes. If given the option of this wonderful device, might as well taken advantage of it and taste them all!

During the week of February 26th through March 8th, beer flights will be in full swing in downtown. Sacramento’s 6th Annual Beer Week will be offering multiple different opportunities to let your taste buds go for a ride and these beer testers will be a great way to sit down and try something new.  So don’t forget to stop by Rubicon Brewing during beer week, or just any other day to try out the variety of finely crafted beer we have to offer.

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