Drink Responsibly: How and Why

Drink Smart and Drink Responsibly

A young life cut short is something that haunts friends and family for eternity.  A leading cause of death in young adults is drinking and driving related accidents.  The best way to prevent these horrific incidents is not through the condemnation of alcohol altogether, rather to inform the youth about how and why to drink responsibly.

Though young people rarely do what they are told, there is a way to support the responsible consumption of alcohol in a culture that idolizes getting trashed every weekend and making poor decisions during intoxication.  A night of drinking is an event that many look forward to, whether it is to unwind from a long week or to celebrate an accomplishment.  When drinking with friends, it can be easy to get carried away, especially if not everyone knows their limits, or if there is a pusher in the group.  It is important to avoid those people that try to push drinking onto others, as peer pressure can often lead to bigger issues.

The time must be taken to inform people about the dangers of binge drinking, and how alcohol really affects each body differently.  Encouraging youths to drink is not the right thing to do, but knowing that it will most likely happen is all the reason to lay out guidelines and tips for a safe night of drinking.  It is also important to let people know that it is not a life requirement to drink.

Here is a basic list of things to do in order to drink responsibly

  • Eat before drinking, as food in the stomach helps to dilute alcohol during digestion.
  • Drink nonalcoholic beverages between alcoholic drinks, again to dilute the alcohol.
  • Pace your drinks, do not gulp or chug, and avoid drinking games as they encourage binge drinking.
  • Know your limit; if it is your first time drinking, drink in a comfortable environment with close friends that will not let you go too far.
  • When drinking in a new environment, stick to the buddy system and do not let drinks go unattended.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: knowing where restrooms and exits are before you begin to drink is important in case anything happens to go south.
  • Know how to say NO to a drink
  • Always arrange a way to get home safely, either call a taxi or designate a sober driver that will not consume alcohol.

These tips are by no means a way to condone young drinking.  With kids being exposed to alcohol in their lives from a young age, the likeliness of underage drinking is higher than ever, and it is better to make an informed decision then to go out on a whim with your best friend and get into a night of trouble.  The evidence should speak for itself, yet countless drunk driving accidents occur every week, most of which could be prevented if the drivers had been better informed about the dangers of consuming alcohol in excess.

At Rubicon Brewing Company, tossing back a couple of cold ones is the way of the land, but with delicious beer comes great responsibility.  So, please drink responsibly.

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