Beer Calories: Stop The Counting

Beer Calories…Don’t be Scared

Many people are worried about the consumption of calories, more specifically beer calories, but why? First of all, we need calories to survive. Second of all, calories are not your enemy. We live in a day and age where looking good and eating right is becoming a priority in a great deal of people’s daily routines. This is fantastic, but what many people are forgetting to do is to have fun and not let the fear of consuming too many calories block you from enjoying yourself. What better way to do that then to head to a brewery like Rubicon Brewing with your friends to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with endless amounts of beer and food.

There are many entertaining and exciting events to attend that involve great people, great food and most importantly great beer. Whether people are all the way in Germany at Oktoberfest, down the street at a local pub, beer tasting in Sacramento or pub crawling in Ireland, people can take advantage of the opportunities to gather together for a good time with good beer. Not only are these gatherings great for social aspects, but they are down-right satisfying for your taste buds.

So why do so many of us turn our cheeks on having a great time because we are worried about beer calories? The calories in beer are only a miniscule factor when it comes to having a good time. We can’t live in fear of these beer calories, they don’t bite. At Rubicon Brewing Company we provide a place to take on those beer calories and be proud of them, because you should be proud of having a good time.

When it comes down to it, are you going to look back on all the times you stayed at home and ate a salad? Or are you going to look back and remember all the great times you shared with friends, drinking finely crafted pale ales and hoppy IPAs? Don’t let those beer calories intimidate you, you’ll never know what might happen if you don’t take a chance. So instead of worrying about what you might be consuming, go out and indulge yourself in a great time because you deserve it. Rubicon Brewing Company knows that and gives you the perfect opportunity to throw those worries out the door and experience an enjoyable time with great tasting beer.

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