December 5th: Party like it’s 1933!

Hear Ye! Beer Ye!

On December 5th in 1933 the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution was ratified, thereby repealing the 18th Amendment, which banned the sale, distribution and consumption of alcohol. The 21st Amendment brought back the neighborhood local pub and brewery to the local fabric of our society where it justly belongs. Both Nico and Shaun feel strongly that the pub they created on 2nd Street in San Francisco embodies that feeling, to celebrate the passage of this amendment and in general the right to be original. You can read more about the 21st Amendment and those times here.


We are throwing a party at the 21st Amendment Pub to celebrate this day. We in fact think of it as a National holiday and we invite you to dress up in 1920′s attire, enjoy live music, and try special cask beers to commemorate the occasion. March with us throughout our SOMA neighborhood beginning at 6PM as we proudly spread the word, happy days are beer again!

A casino speakeasy will be located on the Brewer’s Loft mezzanine with poker games for charity. But you will need the secret password to gain access. We will tweet the password and post on Facebook. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook



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