Fruit Crate Pumpkin Ale in Content Magazine

Here’s a snippet of Content Magazine’s recent review of our Fruit Crate Pumpkin Ale:


We are not beer experts, but Hermitage’s Fruit Crate Pumpkin Ale is seriously tasty. It is not what you would expect. There are no artificial flavors, nothing that remotely tastes of Pumpkin Spice Lattes or tacky- Fall-home- candle-scents.  It is flavorful and refreshing, but not pungent. It is subtle, but not a light beer- it is a melding of brown/red. When you put your nose to it, it is deliciously  fragrant. It is complex and malty. Upon our first try, we closed our eyes and said,  “Mmmmm.” Whether is it a warm or a cold night, or you are eating a hearty German entree or a Fall-fruit-based dessert- the beer is incredibly adaptable.  It has that perfect balanced taste- of not too dark and not too light. But be careful, after one glass- we could feel the relaxing effects.


~Anna Bagirov

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