Today at GABF – October 4, 2014


Anchor brews flowed early and often as Day 2 of the Great American Beer Festival got underway.


Friday evening is typically one of the livelier sessions, and this group of pirates kept the tradition alive.


Bob Brewer is a fan of all things handmade, and Short’s Brewing Company’s unique tasting bar, built with recycled materials from a commercial building and an old barn, caught Bob’s eye during Friday’s session. Bob and Short’s founder Joe Short had a chance to chat over a beer about their custom-built GABF booths, and of course, brewing hand-crafted beer.


Saturday at GABF is a doubleheader, with two sessions to enjoy over 3,500 craft brews from over 700 breweries. Here’s what’s on tap at the Anchor booth for the two Saturday sessions at GABF:

IPA-tap-handles-250Anchor Steam Beer
Anchor California Lager
Liberty Ale
BigLeaf Maple Autumn Red
Anchor Porter
Brekle’s Brown
Anchor IPA

PLUS rotating taps with featured beers throughout the festival:

Old Foghorn Barleywine
Our Barrel Ale
Zymaster Series No. 6: Saaremaa Island Ale
Special Preview: Zymaster Series No. 7

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