Cayman Jack Margarita

Not a beer today. Instead Cayman Jack Hand-Crafted Margarita Premium Malt Beverage. This is another oddity from the great Ed Roberts. According to the pounder can, this is “arguably the world’s most refreshing Margarita”. Made by American Vintage Beverage Co. in Rochester, LaCrosse or Memphis. I’ve had some kick ass Margaritas in my life, so let’s check out this pre-made batch.

No Margarita glass that I could easily find, so I poured it into my Westie XII glass. Lime aroma, sugary. Smells like a Margarita. Limes taste fresh. Not overly sweet, at least in the beginning. Carbonation is prickly, not necessarily a real Margarita characteristic, but welcome nonetheless. A bit sugary after half the can, and the sweetness starts to build.

The 5.9% alcohol is noticeable but probably not enough to offer the kick of a real Margarita. Very nice for a mix. I’d consider it to avoid all the work in making fresh Margaritas, depending on who was coming over for a visit. Plus that douche at Publix today bought EVERY lime in the rack. Seriously, like 200 of them, as a guess. I bet his party kicks ass!

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