Naperville Ale Fest: Winter Edition

Date: February 25, 2017 Location: Frontier Park, Naperville Time: 12:00p-4:00p Contact: The third annual Naperville Winter Ale Fest will take place on Saturday, February 25, 2017. Situated on the frozen tundra of Naperville’s Frontier Park – the fest will feature over 120 unique beers from craft breweries around…

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A Little Bit of Shtick Goes A Long Way at Shmaltz Brewing

Jeremy Cowan had never been a brewer or a business person before he started Shmaltz Brewing Company 20 years ago. Instead, he says he was motivated by the idea of having a niche brewery with personality, based on “shtick and unorthodox beer styles.” “I thought it would be fun and…

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Does Your Favorite Style of Beer Reflect Your Personality?


Mindset Media, a market researcher that focuses on psychographics, concluded that with so many brands and choices associated with beers, it must have a certain link to consumers personality. It conducted an online survey of 2,600 showed amazing results. They found, for example, that people who patronize domestic beers instead…

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How to Order a Craft Beer: a Socratic Approach


I realize that blowing smoke is a thing to be avoided, but I’ll just come right out and say it: Great bartenders are philosophers and teachers. No, I don’t mean they’re fountains of knowledge, showering a thirsty audience with profound insights. (I suspect most people don’t hit the bar because…

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Walk This Way: A Beer Lover’s Guide to Oakland


Oakland is a city in transition, one that began when then Mayor Jerry Brown, whose term ended in 2009, committed to bringing 10,000 new residents to the city. No longer a tough-guy town with the usual suspects doing “town biz” on street corners, the influx of new residents continues as…

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Measures Craft Brewers Take to Maintain Consistency in Beer


Consistency is a topic brewers often discuss at industry sessions and seminars. Mark Stutrud, founder and president of St. Paul’s Summit Brewing, doesn’t mince words about consistency. He says brewers need to be more accountable. “You just don’t make a batch and hope it turns out okay. Each batch has…

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5 Ways Drinking Beer is Good for Your Health


Next time you enjoy a nice cold brew, pat yourself on the back for contributing positively to your health. There are multiple ways beer can actually make us healthier! Beer minimizes the risk of stroke and coronary disease Beer contains a significant amount of important vitamins, which it gets from…

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Outer Light Brewing Releases No Billboards in Space Pale Ale

If you’re an alien on another planet looking for refreshment, you probably won’t discover this beer because, well, there are no billboards in space. If you’re an Earthling looking for a beer that is out-of-this-world delicious, look no further. No Billboards in Space Pale Ale, our brand new brew, beams…

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Toast to the Winter Solstice with Full Sail’s New Shortest Day CDA

The shortest day of the year means the longest night, with more time to drink Full Sail’s new, perfectly balanced Shortest Day Cascadian Dark Ale. Shortest Day CDA, which has already won a gold medal from this year’s Great International Beer & Cider Competition, is brewed with 2-row pale, crystal, and…

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Craft Breweries to Watch in 7 Southern Cities


Due to restrictive post-Prohibition alcohol laws and a strong religious history of temperance, the Southeast U.S. has lagged behind the brewery boom that has swept the country. However, Southerners are pushing past the obstacles and more breweries are opening up every month — not just in known brewery havens like…

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